USS Pegasus NCC-1702 is a FanFic based sim. The simm originally launched in 2001 in Bravo Fleet's Expedition Fleet. Originally set in the TOS Era (2266), the simm was a successful PBEM game. In 2004 the simm took a hiatus for a year while many of the players were deployed active duty military. When the simm went active again in 2005, the era was changed to the TOS Movie Era, 2292. In 2007 the simm shut down due to time constraints for the CO and crew. In Sept. 2011 Mike Bremer announced the simm would be returning via SMS as a member of The Ninth Fleet and set in the year 2295. The simm remained active as an SMS game for a year before changing to a FanFic style game in late 2012.

The USS Pegasus NCC-1702 was commissioned in 2246 at the San Fransisco Fleet Yards at Earth. She was named to honor the NX-10 Pegasus. A Constitution class ship, the Pegasus would explore sectors in the Alpha Quadrant in her early career.

In 2265. Captain Walter Norman Bremer took command of the ship, a position he would hold for nearly thirty years.

In 2281, the Pegasus became the last of the original Constitution class vessels to be refit. Following her refit, the Pegasus would spend much of the next fifteen years in Beta Quadrant on exploration missions and patrolling of the Klingon and Romulan boarders.

In 2294, Vice Admiral Bremer retired from Starfleet. The Pegasus herself went though a major overhaul and systems upgrade that lasted just over a year. In October 2295, the ship was in service again, this time under the command of Captain Johnathan Roebuck.

Now, with a new CO and crew, the USS Pegasus is poised to go back into harm's way and explore the final frontier, again.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

Expected duration: 120 years
Time between resupply: 2 years
Time between Refit: 4 years
Category: Explorer/Heavy Cruiser


Cruising speed: Warp 6
Maximum speed: Warp 7
Emergency speed: Warp 9 (6 hours)



6 type-VIII phaser banks (twin mounts)


Launchers: 3 (two forward, one aft adjacent to the forward tubes, added in 2295
Photon: 80


Class 6 hull conformal shielding system


Officers: 65
Enlisted crew: 200
Civilians: 100

Auxiliary CraftEdit

Shuttlebays: 1
Shuttles: 4


Height: 75 meters
Width: 140 meters
Length: 305 meters
Decks: 23

Out of Character InfoEdit

The USS Pegasus NCC-1702 FanFic Simm is a direct spinoff of the Starbase 400 simm.

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