USS Phoenix, NCC-7801, was a Star Trek play-by-e-mail sim.

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A Nebula Class Starship, the Phoenix was set in the year 2401, approximately 25 years following the return of the USS Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant. The sim was rated 18+.


The Phoenix launched as an independent PBeM sim in June 2012 under the command of Captain Ciara Rosenthal (Lisa Krause). Prior to the start of its first mission, the Phoenix merged into Independence Fleet on June 22, 2012, and subsequently began simming.

Following disagreements, the Phoenix withdrew from Independence Fleet on July 22, 2012, and resumed its status as an independent sim. A period of recrimination followed during which the first officer of the Phoenix, Jonathan Rosenthal (BJ Reign), publicly criticized Independence Fleet and filed legal notices to have material related to the Phoenix deleted from the Independence Fleet site.

Independence Fleet blamed the failure of the merger on "poor leadership and inability of the ships XO to respect the Chain of Command within Independence Fleet," and publicly censured BJ Reign for "harassment, repeated disrespect of superior officers, making false statements, and destruction of fleet property."

A review by Chas Hammer disagreed with Independent Fleet's assessment. Chas argued that the merger "failed due to a lack of communication," adding that while the parties involved had talked to one another, "Their assumptions, their expectations, are present throughout the conservations, but little effort was made by anyone to gain an understanding of the other." Chas agreed that AJ Wheeler, the commander-in-chief of Independence "had every reason to be upset with what had transpired," and that it was within his prerogative to remove BJ from Independence Fleet following the failure of the merger and her criticisms of Independence Fleet. However, Chas took issue with the public censure, writing that the events "did not rise to the level of seriousness conveyed by the charges made against her." Chas argued that BJ had not made "false statements," and that the charge of "destruction of fleet property," was "at best... not proven." He found that while BJ had made statements critical of Independence Fleet and its leadership, he argued that "an individual's right to speak their mind easily trumps charges of harassment in such a minor case," and that leveling a charge of "disrespect" "hardly seemed fair... surly others in Independence Fleet have made far more salacious statements and escaped punishment."

After leaving Independence Fleet, the Phoenix continued on as an independent sim, with six playing characters and eighteen non-player controlled characters. However, in September, Lisa and BJ closed the sim, with BJ explaining, "It was not an easy decision to reach, but it is one that we both feel is for the better of both of us. The experience with Independence Fleet has soured the name and feel of the Phoenix, and the sooner we put it behind us, the better we shall be." During its existence as an independent sim and within Independence Fleet, the Phoenix generated 158 sim posts.

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