The USS Presidio, NCC-75492, was a Federation Sovereign Class, play-by-e-mail Star Trek sim that was a member of Task Force Firefly. The sim was commanded by Captain Sven Johanson.[1]


The Presidio appears to only have been briefly active - it's Yahoo Group recorded only 6 posts in March 2006 and 12 in April 2006.[2] The ship also met once as a chat sim at the 2006 SciWorld Online Convention.[3]


Known crew members of the USS Presidio are as follows:[4]

  • Captain Sven Johanson, Commanding Officer
  • Commander Eslyn Voutgyt, Executive Officer
  • Charon, Integrated Artificial Intelligence (IAI)
  • Lieutenant Commander T'Rella, Chief Medical Officer
  • Chasity Burkhart, Bartender


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