USS Raptor: Delta Quadrant

Welcome to the Delta Quad sim!

Here we are boldly going were the Voyager could not go! The Raptor is a new breed of ship that combines the best of a Galaxy Class cruiser and a battle worthy Prometheus Class vessel. All though the Federation and The Star Fleet have no faith in our newest ship or her crew. But we'll soon show those of little faith just how worthy the Raptor and her crew can be!

Our Sim is set three years after the return of the Noble Voyager to Federation space. Our mission to explore the Delta Quadrant. Are you willing to take on this challenge? Willing to boldly go were only the Voyager dared to go? If so we welocome you aboard the Raptor NCC- 2512.

What will we find? Who will we find? That is any ones guess at this moment. So join the fun and the wonder of all we have yet only dreamed of!


USS Raptor: Delta Quadrant website

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