About USS Renaissance

The Premise

This isn’t your father’s Star Trek. In fact this isn’t even YOUR Star Trek.

The crew of the USS Renaissance is a bunch of rogue traitorous pirates who chose to endanger the Federation by firing on a Romulan vessel during the time of peace. Everything they do is an abomination to the Trek and the Federation you know. They lie. They steal. Their phasers are set to kill by default. They are the ultimate offscourings.

Or... are they really?

Maybe they are a bunch of the most faithful who had chosen to put their lives on the line for the Federation. For its principles, its values, its heroes. For the Picards and Siskos and Janeways; for all those idealistic men and women out there. To keep them so idealistic, the crew of the Ren had chosen to sink into the mud, to live there, to do the dirty work that nobody wants to do, nobody talks about and nobody gets commended for, but that needs to be done. Most of them disappeared without a trace off of the surface of one planet or the next. Some are filed under MIA, some KIA. Picked, evaluated and tested beyond the standard definitions of a test, without the slightest notion that they were being watched, evaluated or tested, for that matter. Every one of them severed from their roots, from their families, forced to depend on each other only, all of them with a cranial implant ready to explode should there be any suspicion they could be the key to reveal any of the closest guarded secrets of Starfleet Intelligence as they came to know it during the fall of 2388, such as the mere existence and the coordinates of their base – a cloaked planet in the Spectral Star System, fittingly named Phantom. Some of them know about these implants, some don’t. Some have troubles coming to terms with actions the SFI uses them for and be sure that many of those go against the values of the Federation itself, others don’t. This way or that, there is no coming back once you join paths with Starfleet Intelligence.


The USS Renaissance is a friendly independent SIM with more than ten years of activity, currently set in the fall of the year of 2388.

The Ship

The USS Renaissance, or more familiarly simply just "The Ren," is heavily re-fitted Galaxy class starship. Every single free space was modified to suit the purposes of an undercover vessel. Schools, nurseries, astrophysics, majority of the crew quarters etc, has been turned into armories, propulsion support systems, weapons support system and cloaking systems. Yes, the Ren has a cloaking device. It did, however, keep the Ten Forward as one means of off-duty amusement, the other being several holodecks.

The Renaissance was commissioned in 2382 and her original designation was that of an exploration vessel.

The Mission

Mission Code: Fishing
Personel Assigned: USS Renaissance
Mission Target: Delgar 5, Delgar System
Primary Objective: Discover the reason for the disappearance of numerous ships within this region of space and stop any further occurences.
Secondary Objective: None
Limitations: No Limitations. The captain of assigned vessel is authorized to use any and every method required to ensure a successful mission
Current Status: Approaching the Delgar System; redirected into Romulan space to perform several covert operations

However, when on the way to the Delgar System Captain Odos received a communiqué from Starfleet Intelligence that redirected us to Romulan space at maximum warp.

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Unfortunately the new movie complicated our matters a little. To retcon the destruction of Romulus in 2387 would mean many serious problems for the premise of our game, yet for the desire to incorporate the (huge) canonical impact on the Romulan Star Empire and the galaxy, we decided to destroy Romulus "now" and have a blast with it. =:)


A word on Starfleet Intelligence

"Our" Starfleet Intelligence is a bunch of quite a ruthless guys. Every agent has a chip implant in their head, that can be activated over unlimited distance, resulting in an explosion, in case of a desertion. They choose and target their operatives throughout the galaxy; to be honest, they're dehisced everywhere! After targeting they evaluate the intended recruits and test them, all the while the recruits have no idea they are being tested and with admission things don't end. They begin!

Firstly the recruit has to leave "certain" tracks. Either they can officially go rogue - "pirate" - or they can fake their death or become Missing In Action. Then they are transferred to the planet Phantom - a rogue planet that is completely cloaked - to undergo a specialized training. Phantom is a top TOP secret location - so much that SFI would rather destroy it should a mere suspicion get out into the hands of the Romulans or the Federation itself.

From what is said above I suppose it's obvious that our characters aren't exactly the usual Starfleet material...

Notable Characters

The Captain


File:Renaissance odos.jpg
The form at present being used by Odos is of a 50ish grey haired male standing six feet tall, medium build, deep blue eyes and a surprisingly gentle but deep voice. Odos has been a member of Star Fleet since its creation, hiding his true identity by becoming a number of different people down through the ages. Star Fleet and the Federation are unaware of the existence of the Fluere and also that one of its officers is a member of that race.

Due to Odos continuing disobedience of Fluere morals and customs he was recently further punished by having his shapeshifting ability removed. He is now basically human but in order to protect the Fluere Racial Mind he is human with a few exceptions. He is immune to any truth drug or information extracting system nor can he be sensed or read in any telepathic way. The most unusual part of his punishment is that he cannot die. He can be killed in any of the usual painful ways, but his body regenerates.

To avoid confusion Odos was killed once (by beheading) and was dead for some time, but then his head re-attached itself, so this is what to imagine under "his body regenerates."

Current Open Positions

Chief Helm Officer
Chief Of Security
Chief Science Officer


Just a few notes:
- We're not canon obsessed and are very likely to accept a plausible bio. That said a submitted bio doesn't instantly mean an open door into the game - we reserve the right to have questions. Also, if you're completely new to the game and are applying for a senior staff position you may be asked to suffer through the current mission on a junior crew position to see how you mingle with the players and the game.

However the first and foremost rule of this game is to have fun and we adhere to it. =:)

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