The USS Ruby was a Star Trek sim that existed ca 2006. The sim was independent and unaffiliated with any larger group.


USS Ruby, NX-3, an NX-Class vessel, is the third such vessel created by humans, and is the first vessel created in the new "United Federation of Planets" started by four galactic species: The Humans, The Vulcans, the Andorians, and the Tellarites.

Its Captain, previously a Vulcan Ambassador to Earth, is chosen for Captaincy of this vessel, due to his experience in the Vulcan Space Program and the rank he had before he became an Ambassador.

The sim starts three months after the creation of this new Interspecies Alliance, when the Ruby takes on a shipful of newly-graduated Ensigns from Starfleet Academy. Armed with a Federation Military Assault Command Operation Force (FedMACOF) platoon, the Ruby launches into the unknown...

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