The USS Spirit was a Star Trek sim that served in Utopia Fleet and was commanded by Guy Hunt.

Ship HistoryEdit


The ship only ever had one commander, Rear Admiral Upper Half Guy Hunt.

  • Intrepid Class Starship
  • Once held the highest number of crew in Utopia Fleet, 22 members
  • Was the test bed for the R&D Department.


First launched in 2365 under the command of Captain Guy Perry Hunt; the USS Spirit takes its name from a long line of ships that have bore the same name. From the early days of sail in Earth history it is a name spoken with pride. It is not the largest or indeed most powerful of ships in the fleet, but is extremely resilient.

The Intrepid Class starship marks a change in course for Starfleet away from building very large, elaborate starships and toward building smaller, more efficient vessels. One of a series of newer and more compact ships, the Intrepid-class was designed to be a fast multi-mission starship primarily intended for exploration, survey, and courier missions. A fast vessel with advanced sensing and research capability, the Intrepid class makes for an effective exploratory platform, while at the same time carrying sufficient armament to act as an interdiction and combat vessel.

Several important advances in Starfleet technology mark the development of the Intrepid class. One of the most important features of the starship is the variable geometry warp nacelles, which allow an adjustment of the warp field to maximize its efficiency, as well as to minimize any negative effects on the fabric of space. Utilizing this cutting edge technology results in a vessel that can be flown at extremely high speeds with a significantly smaller power source than other ships of comparable size. Another design breakthrough in the Intrepid class is the inclusion within a protected backup chamber of a series of components that would allow for the assembly of a spare warp core. Should the main core be lost for some unforeseen reason, a replacement could be constructed by the engineering crew without having to replicate all the components.

The Intrepid class pioneered the systems that would allow a starship to make routine planefall. Previously unheard of in starships, the ability to land and take off again with minimum system impact is being incorporated into a series of vessels, thanks in large part to the advance made and lessons learned in the flight of the Intrepid class. The most advanced computer systems available are at the heart of the ship. The computer uses Bio-Neural Gelpacks that incorporate synthetic neuron analogs in a nutrient gel medium. This arrangement mimics organic neurons, allowing the packs a processing protocol akin to what happens in a Humanoid brain, speeding data functions and improving overall computer operations.

Armed with 11 type X Collimated Phaser Arrays She is also fitted with 4 Mk 95 Direct-Fire Quantum Torpedo Tubes with two forward and two aft launchers. Carrying 40 type VI Quantum torpedoes.

The USS Spirit has had a long, and prestigious list of mission and first contacts. After two years in active service, the USS Spirit was put into drydock for a major refit.

On stardate 236706.18 Rear Admiral Hunt was brought back aboard the USS Spirit and re assumed command. Refit with newer weaponry and advances to her systems, the Spirit is one of the fastest and versatile ships in the Fleet.