The USS Tennessee was a Star Trek chat sim that served in Trek Online from ca June to ca September 1997.


The USS Tennessee was the second sim launched in the Trek Online CompuServe Division (TOL CIS). The Tennessee began simming in approximately June and remained in service until approximately September, at which point it experienced a profound school sump and was canceled.


The USS Tennessee, NX-80001, was an Illusion Class Federation starship set in the DS9/Voyager era.

The Illusion Class featured a dark gray hull, 181 meters in length, shaped like a tear drop. Reflective portholes gave the impression of dark spots along the hull. The twin warp nacells were side-mounted.

The ship contained a crew of 48 officers and men.

Classified as a light destroyer, the Tennessee was equipped with photon and quantum torpedoes launched from a retractable torpedo platform located on the center top midsection of the hull. Retractable phaser turrets were located port and starbord of the torpedo platform and along the bottom of the hull at the center midsection. Defensive countermeasures included a Star Fleet Engineering Corps T.C.M.(Tachyon Counter Measure), and a Star Fleet Special Ops/Star Fleet Engineering Corps WaSP System (Warp Shadow Projector).

The ship was capable of a maximum speed of Warp 9.7. The Tennessee had one known sister ship, the USS Trafalgar, NX-80002.


  • Josh Hall, Captain, Commanding Officer
  • Carrie Keene, Commander, First Officer
  • Yuri Dawson, Lieutenant Commander, Tactical Officer
  • Suvuk, Lieutenant Commander, Science Officer
  • Jukka Pekka Äänekoski, Lieutenant Commander, Science Officer
  • Dr. Jachua Rand, Lieutenant, Medical Officer
  • Nojil Jeral, Lieutenant, Engineering Officer
  • Eric StarLynn, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Operations Officer
  • Ashley Ashton, Ensign, Navigation Officer