The USS Venture is a Star Trek play-by-email simulation and a member of the Star Trek Resurrection simgroup. Resurrection and the Venture sim were started in Feb 2007. The founding group was made up of a number of experienced simmers, most with over ten years simming experience apiece.

The Venture is a Galaxy-class starship and is the lead ship of a colonial convoy mission originally intended to set up at Tr'funga II in the Gamma Quadrant in an area of open space which the Dominion recently withdrew from. However, once the convoy emerges from the GQ end of the Bajoran Wormhole, they discover that the Tr'funga star has gone nova and quite some time ago at that. Almost immediately they discover that over 65 million years have passed while they were in the wormhole.

Soon after, they discover that the galaxy has suffered from some type of disaster which sterilized all life. In the eons afterward life has return. The galaxy is now populated with new races and new empires and the convoy is all that is left of Federation civilization.

The Venture leads the way in finding a new home for the colonists while protecting them from unknown forces bent on extinction.

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