Name: Ultimate Jazz

Primary function: Decepticon Stealth Specialist

Alt mode: F-117 Night Hawk Stealth fighter


Wing Katana

Right Shoulder cannon (referred to as Spark Buster)

Left Arm cannon

Abilities: Extreme Speed

Special Attack: WingDagger: An extreme speed attack where U_J levitates to great heights & the swiftly swoops down on his opponent with his wing Kattana.


1.Although extremely swift, while in offensive stance, U_J's speed reduces to a considerable amount which makes him susceptible to many counter atacks in mid air.

2. Due to damage in a battle, his left legcould never completely heal & hence cannot withstand extreme damage.

History: While on a Space Navigation Mission, Optimus Prime, Hotshot & Jazz were sucked into a black hole & entered a planet in a parallel Universe, which created Evil versions of the them. After an intense Battle , the Autobots managed to get the upper hand on their evil counter parts, by sealing them in a cave while their ship was ready to leave the planet again. However Jazz's counterpart was not trapped with the rest. He decided to hitchhike the Autobot vessel by firmly sticking to its wing . The Autobots managed to re-enter the Blackhole & return to the normal Universe.Due to the extreme pressure Jazz's counterpart lost his grip & floated into space....that is until he was found by MEGATRON.

Although Megtron, at first thought that he was an Autobot, He soon realized that this wasn't the case. He ordered his experts to modify the being whom he referred to as Ultimte Jazz. UJ was equipped with enormous firepower & soon proved himself loyal to Megatron & a great fighter in many battles. He later equiped himself with his Minicon Combustor, who increases his shoulder cannon fire power by 20% when powerlinked. After Megatron, Jazz is now forced to serve the Mighty Decepticon Leader, Amardilo.

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