The United Alliance of Simulations (UAS) is a role-playing organization specializing in Star Trek Simulations. The organization was founded by Elle Jellico when she looked for a home for her independent role-playing game, USS Vanguard, in July of 2013. The group currently has seven active simulations.

Current Command StructureEdit

The United Alliance of Simulations is a simming republic that offers a council. Elle Jellico is the current chief of the organization and oversees the web development and infrastructure of the organization.

Current Games in the UASEdit

The UAS offers seven current simulations. They are as follows:

  • Deep Space 56: Runs in AIM at 10 PM EST every Wednesday night
  • USS Vanguard: Hosted by Elle Jellico and runs every Thursday night at 10:00 PM EST in AIM
  • USS Bradbury: Runs at 3:00 PM EST in AIM every Saturday
  • USS Hyperion: Runs at 10:00 PM EST in AIM every Saturday night
  • USS Dreamscape: Runs at 11:00 PM EST in AIM every Saturday night
  • Sunset: A Message Board fantasy role-playing adventure with vampires, werewolves, and magi!
  • Atlantis Force: A Message Board Star Trek simulation!

For more information regarding the United Alliance Of Simulations please visit

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