The United Federation of Nations (UFN) was created on April 4, 1998. It ceased operations and was absorbed by the Federation Sim Fleet (FSF) in May 1999.

Historical TimelineEdit

The timeline of the United Federation of Nations sim group:

  • April 4th 1998 --- The UFN has been created by Fleet Admiral Jeffrey R. Kuntzelman
  • April 6th 1998 --- The UFN web site is revised and finished.
  • April 19th 1998 --- USS T-Rex is commissioned and launched as the Flagship of the UFN
  • April 30th 1998 --- The USS T-Rex is renamed to USS Geneva.
  • May 7th 1998 --- AdmiralUFN (Jeff Kuntzelman) transfers command to Nootkan, his XO.
  • May 8th 1998 --- The UFN joins the LinkExchange Banner program.
  • May 17th 1998 --- The USS Kingston, Intrepid class is commissioned. CAPPT AVIS commanding.
  • May 19th 1998 --- USS Ticonderoga, a sovereign class vessel is annexed into UFN
  • June 1st 1998 --- AdmNeal named Vice President of the UFN.
  • June 10th 1998 --- The UFN closes due to attendance and internal problems.
  • August 18th 1998 --- The UFN is re-opened under AdmiralUFN, this time Fleet Admiral James T. Knight, the cousin of Jeff Kuntzelman.
  • August 20th 1998 --- CAPPT AVIS named Vice President.
  • August 29th 1998 --- CAPPT AVIS is fired and CamoBoy15 replaces him as VP
  • September 1st 1998 --- The USS Kingston, Galaxy class, is named the Flagship of the UFN.
  • September 10th 1998 --- CamoBoy15 is fired. AdmrlFlare named VP.
  • September 14th 1998 --- The USS Orioni, Aries Class is commissioned.
  • September 18th 1998 --- The USS Victory, FLADMHOOD commanding, is annexed into UFN.
  • September 23rd 1998 --- AdmrlFlare takes command of the USS Kingston.
  • September 30th 1998 --- The USS Victory pulls out of UFN.
  • October 2nd 1998 --- OSARousell quits the UFN.
  • October 5th 1998 --- AdmiralUFN is now FtAdmJames.
  • October 9th 1998 --- BigE1002 is now captain of the USS Orioni.
  • October 13th 1998 --- The UFN closes for 2nd time.
  • October 15th 1998 --- The UFN is re-opened and is under "Reconstruction"
  • October 18th 1998 --- CptNerys is placed in command of the USS Kingston
  • October 20th 1998 --- The USS Venture is annexed into the UFN, commanded by Capt JMax
  • October 22nd 1998 --- FtAdmJames appoints Cmd Torok as the new and permanent Vice President
  • October 25th 1998 --- OSARousell rejoins the group as Secretary of the UFN
  • October 30th 1998 --- AdmNeal is hired as Chief of Staff in the UFN
  • November 7th 1998 --- The FAS is merged into UFN as a division. Griffin568 is given command of the USS Spartan, defiant class
  • November 10th 1998 --- The USS Spartan is changed from Defiant Class to Akira class
  • December 7th 1998 --- The FAS becomes a full division in the UFN
  • December 15th 1998 --- The FOS/UFN become unofficial allies
  • December 28th 1998 --- USS Sisko1/FtAdmSisko becomes UFN Vice President
  • January 1st 1999 --- The UFN Charter is revised and released.
  • January 26th 1999 --- The UFN terminates the FAS' divisionship within UFN, and all alliances thereof are dissolved.
  • February 15th 1999 --- Fleet Admiral James T. Knight resigns from office, appointing USS Sisko1 as President of the UFN.
  • February 16th 1999 --- James Knight returns as a UFN Senator. Sisko appoints Admr Hill as his Vice President.
  • February 24th 1999 --- USS Sisko1 resigns, appoints Admr Hill as President.
  • (Approximately) March 2nd 1999 --- Admr Hill resigns from office. UFN Senate appoints Senator James T. Knight as Temporary President of the UFN.
  • March 5th 1999 --- James T. Knight is appointed by the UFN senate as full fleet admiral and president of the UFN, once again.
  • March 8th 1999 --- Plans for a UFN Sim Academy are underway.

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