Dear RPWikians,

The most important decision of 2013 may have been a triple merge between RolePlay Wiki, Role Play Wiki and the Simming Encyclopedia — and if it wasn't, I'll just assume it at least got in your "top 10". However, not everything has been settled just yet. As you may already or may not yet know, I have been spending many hour of my time throughout the past months working on a set of guidelines and rules for the wiki. Let's make this a first highlight for 2014!

About the proposed policy Edit

The proposed set of rules and guidelines has been created with the help of SimEnc:Guidelines and SimEnc:Terms of Service. On the one hand, this was because the two Wikia wikis had no single rule written down and SimEnc did. On the other hand, SimEnc's policy was already very elaborate, and I was of the opinion that every aspect covered in the SimEnc guidelines should be covered on our merged encyclopedia as well.

However. (Yes, I'm putting emphasis here.) However, our merge was a new start for all three communities in many ways, and as I received the message that the previous policy has caused some issues in the past, I have taken the liberty to widen the purpose of the encyclopedia and redefine several aspects of their guidelines.

What's the difference Edit

"You weren't there, how would you know," you may find. I actually agree. I may have a general idea of what happened in 2012, but I wasn't there - I don't know who did what and who mistreated whom, but that's not what I'm talking about here. I know that mistakes have been made, which is something I deeply regret, but I would like to brush off the dirt and move on.

"That's some smooth talking," you may think. Yes, I'm using nice words. But on the other hand, I do hope that I put some wrongs back to right. I do believe that the changes I made will be good for the entire community — the previous users who went separate ways and for whom we need to not make this a dark period in their past, the remaining contributors from all three wikis who are still working together here, and the new editors who are joining us or will join us in the future.

"Changes, you say - what did you change?" you may ask. Indeed, even though the sections may match, the content of the policy will differ from SimEnc's. Major changes include:

  • A more elaborate Manual of Style (to guide how to format pages).
  • References are no longer put on the articles' talk pages → references (links and other) get their own references section, at the bottom of the article, as do sources. Referencing/sourcing (if possible) is also strongly recommended.
  • Not only owners/creators can talk about their sim, not only board members can talk about their club/community, and so on → anyone can create pages about anything (however with referencing to the extent possible).
  • Admins will not interfere in editing disputes or conflicts unless absolutely necessary.
  • The wiki will not only be about OOC information (players, sims, clubs) → also about IC information (species, items, locations).

Feel however free to read the complete set of guidelines and rules here. It may be more clear than my quick summing up of some items.

Voting procedure Edit

To make sure everything goes in order, I have made a page for Community votes, which has a subpage for this item specifically. Every h2-section of the guidelines can and should be voted on separately.

How you can vote and what options you can pick from, has been described on the Vote main page. What minimum requirements there are for this community decision, are described on the Vote/1 subpage itself. Please read both pages thoroughly before voting.

Also keep in mind that, within the time the vote is running, the guidelines page may be adjusted to opinions voiced by users in order to meet consensus. Even though a message should be posted to you personally and it will be announced on beforehand when the community vote will end, it is advised to check its history regularly.

Feel free to comment here on the blog, on the guidelines' talk page or on my user talk page. Only the votes on Role Play Wiki:Vote/1 will be counted when deciding on whether or not the policy or sections of it will be implemented.

Thanks for your attention and enjoy the read!
YATTA ヽ( ° ヮ° )ノ @fandom ☆ | 2013年12月28日、03:22:41