RPWiki's two skins

Hi all!

Some of you may be more familiar with Wikipedia, or may have edited on SimEnc before our encyclopedias merged together. Are you missing that look? Or would you like to get to know the current look more? Then this blog is a good way to start.

What skins are there

Wikipedia uses the specific skin known as "Vector" which is not available on Wikia and which I will therefore not explain in this blog post. There are two skins however that are available:

  • Wikia skin: Wikia's standard skin, also known as Oasis
  • Monobook skin: Wikipedia's old skin

Let's zoom in on both of them and address some of the differences.


Oasis is the standard skin of all Wikia wikis, with exception of Uncyclopedia. All anonymous (logged-out) users, as well as most of the logged-in users will view and edit pages in this skin. If you didn't know Wikia had multiple skins, you will most likely be viewing the site in Oasis.


The current main page, as viewed with Oasis skin.

Oasis users can view things that Monobook users cannot, such as the user avatar and global profile (where it says the amount of edits, location, etc.). They also have several editor modes: the new VisualEditor, the classical Rich Text editor and the source editor, each of which have their (dis)advantages to use.

Because of its wide usage, most wikis focus mainly or solely on their Oasis look, because that is what their visitors will be viewing. However, the amount of attention given to the Monobook skin varies greatly from one wiki to another: some wikis, such as Wookieepedia, have a lot of users who prefer Monobook and are therefore very Monobook-compatible.


Monobook was Wikipedia's skin until around 2009 (and personally I liked it more than the current Vector skin), and is one available skin for Wikia users. It allows for a left-oriented wiki navigation and search function, and a content and edit space on the right side.


The current main page, as viewed with Monobook skin.

Due to the greater width of the right side, the articles will require less scrolling when they contain a lot of text. There is one editor, which shows the raw code and may be especially useful for more experienced wiki writers. The wiki's chat however is not accessible from Monobook and requires to go to Special:Chat?useskin=wikia instead.

Skin compatibility

In my opinion, it is always best to try be compatible for both skins. Therefore, after publishing, you can always check out what the other skin looks like by adding ?useskin=monobook or ?useskin=wikia at the end of your URL. You can do the same with this blog: that way, you will see what it looks like for users of the other skin.


Comments or questions? Want to share which skin you prefer? Feel free to post this in the section below (this almost sounds like youtube). Thanks for reading!

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