"Right now, I don't care about any of this. All I care about is finding Toryx, and killing him. I won't rest until his body is six feet deep, with his blood on my blade" --Valarena Dreath, expressing her hatred for Toryx.

Character Name

Valarena Dreath

Race Elf
Sex Female
Age 46,127 years.
Roleplay Information


The BasicsEdit

  • Hair: Brown, long.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Build: Thin, lean.
  • Height: 7 ft.
  • Weight: 213 lbs

The Details / Identifying featuresEdit

  • Scar down the left side of her face,


Clothes / ArmorEdit

  • Leather armor enchanted with massive defense against any normal weapons


  • 2 swords.


Adept at the arcane arts.



Loyal and sweet but has a very bad temper.


  • Trust,
  • Faith.
  • Swordfighting.


  • Disloyalty,
  • Dishonour,
  • Liars,
  • Hypocrites.


Marital StatusEdit

Married to an Aeladi named Draka Blaen.


  • Many, MANY relatives, but the notable ones are:
  • Sadon (Deceased)
  • Halrys.
  • Nix (Deceased.)

Skills and WeaknessesEdit

Physical StrengthsEdit

She is potent in Swordfighting but also skilled in the Arcane arts. She was raised as a fighter but she eventually learned magic at the College of Merani.


Easily distracted and manipulated, has a tendency to swing madly at someone if they anger her, allowing them to manouver her.



At the age of 7 her parents were murdered, and she learned to fend for herself with her brothers and sisters.


Valarena met a man named Perseus and had a child named Zoey. Several years later Perseus killed Valarena's sister, and Valarena was so enraged she penetrated castle walls and murdered him. At this point her friendship with one Draka Blaen started getting stronger and stronger, and they eventually married.

Current statusEdit

Currently resides with her husband, Draka, though she is often away. Unemployeed.


"Well, you have two options here. Option one, you tell me what you know about him and you can leave, free as a bird. Or two, I can make you tell me, using my own method. And by the way, that second option will involve you noticind a distinct lack of limbs on your person." --Valarena, interrogating a friend of Toryx.

"I'm sorry, but I noticed that you're a complete idiot."

"I'm not afraid of death. But there is one thing that you're afraid of. And if you aren't afraid of it, you should be. And you will be. That one thing, that one thing in the entire world Toryx, is me."

"That may be true Terrowin. But the fact is that alot of people have gotten me out of that kind of stuff."

"Fair enough, I haven't been drunk in a long time."