Name: Vanguard.

Primary Function: Roughnecks Team Member; Security Officer and Logistics Director.

Gender: Female.

Alt mode 1: White and BlueDodge Caravan Police Van.

Alt mode 2: None.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Weapons: She carries two staff weapons that can be adjusted in length, from small hand held sticks to long staffs. She is also able to channel electrified energon through her body and into these weapons, they can short out any electrical system on contact with these weapons when they are electrified.

Profile: Personality wise, she is a tough no nonsense cop type and soldier, but she is also very compassionate and soft hearted. She follows orders to the letter unless she has to improvise to get her job done, a dedicated individual. She is also very likeable by others and very friendly towards them. She is the type to hold her ground when she has to and compromise when she needs to. She is a tad aged and has fought in many battles and wars but prefers Special Ops missions. She has a fun and frivolous nature despite her attention to detail and dutiful responsibilities as a soldier, and also enjoys various competitive sports. Vanguard is the type of mech who would fight to the death and protect loved ones and comrades at the expense of her own life, very maternal.

History: She is a member of the original Roughnecks team, and bears no ill will towards Dark Angel for her bad judgement at the time. Having survived the assault that badly injured most of the original team, as she was away on another mission elsewhere in the Delta system. She is a decorated soldier and high ranking official within the Deltronian Military. She is also the sister of Trailbreaker and was originally trained as a soldier by Ironhide and Kup.

Abilities: She has standard knowledge and procedures applicable to all fully trained Deltronian soldiers, however she is also a Spec Ops operative. She possesses all manner of sophisticated military hardware she’s picked up over her long time as a soldier. Her main ability however is like her brother’s, she is able to create and project energised power shields for a limited amount of time. She is also quite adequate with Deltronian martial arts training, both armed and unarmed.

Special Abilities: She was also a participant in the Psionics Program and has electro-kinetic abilities. Being that her body has an immense ability to store/generate electrical energy. By projecting it, she is able to use it telekinetically and push things away from or bring things to her. She can also use the energy to channel into items for extra effect, i.e. she can electrify her shields, parts of her body and her weapons to cause further damage to opponents and systems if need be.

Weaknesses: She has to be wary not to use her electrical abilities around water, as it will backfire on her and short out her own systems. The strength and distance to which she can project shields depends on her energon levels, as does her ability to infuse electrical energy into anything.

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