Vanguard Fleet was a proposed Star Trek sim club. Announced in March 2011 by Fleet Admiral Frank Black it does not appear the club ever became active.


Vanguard Fleet was proposed to consist of four initial sims:

  • Vanguard Station
  • Star Trek: Death Before Dishonour
  • Terran Mercenaries: Liberty
  • USS Destiny


Vanguard Station (The home of the Vanguard Fleet)Edit

Vanguard Station is located Archer system which is located on the Federation\Klingon border. Vanguard station are about to come across a ancient secret which could have lasting consequences across both time and the entire universe.

Star Trek: Death Before DishonourEdit

Entire colonies vanishing, no trace remaining and no clues to what happened. Starfleet Command having witnessed the colonies vanishing order the USS Katana is ordered to investigate. Weeks pass and two more colonies vanish and no word from the Katana. Fear spread the Federation spreads across the Federation with fingers being pointed at the other Empires. Captain Rick Shannon having just survived an attack by an unknown force which destroyed his ship and killed members of his crew is ordered to gather the best of the best and go out and find what is going on and to stop whatever the threat which is making colonies disappear.

With a mission considered suicide Captain Rick Shannon must locate a team of technically the best of there fields and then must find and confront this new enemy with every colonized planet at stake there is no room for failure or mistakes.

The Starting year is 2380.

Terran Mercenaries: LibertyEdit

The Terran Empire long since destroyed by The Alliance which is a historic coming together of the Imperial Klingon Empire and the Cardassian Star Union. Many species are slaves to The Alliance but one Nausicaan named Joseph Ice escaped from Terok Nor with intentions to fight till he could no longer fight anymore in hope of gaining Liberty and freedom. Joseph Ice begun by quietly bringing together those species that had been affected by The Alliance and organized them into cells making sure no cell connected with any other cells and only the Cell leader knew of a contact for another cell in case his cell was badly disabled or destroyed by the Alliance.

This group takes place in the Mirror universe seen in such episodes as (Enterprise) Through a mirror Darkly, (Deep Space Nine) The Emperors New cloak.

With a long hard fight against a very strong enemy can Joseph Ice and the Ice Rangers Mercenaries gain liberty and freedom from the brutal Alliance? The Starting Year is 2370 and on behalf of the GM I welcome you to a challenging and exciting adventure.

USS Destiny NCC 97543Edit

The Dominion war ended in 2375 leaving the allied forces in disarray and over the next five years many vessels were discussed and while some were approved other were rejected but when the Akira Subclass Destiny Class Mk II Strike Cruiser was rejected for being too hostile the Military Staff Committee refused to agree stating this class would be the perfect class of vessel to act as mobile marine Strike Cruise.

USS Destiny NCC 97543 is to be a test case vessel and much is hoped of this new class of vessel and many eyes will be watching with interest how this vessel performs.


Vanguard Fleet was proposed to be run by the Special Advisory Board, whose members are the Chairman of Advisory Board, Fleet Admiral Frank Black, three veteran members, and all the game masters of Vanguard Fleet Groups.

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