Alt mode:Tank

Bio: An adept sniper. He will never fire unless he can garantee a hit on his target, oddly he prefers to do his sniping in his alt mode. This may be due to his

camoflage in this mode or just becuase his armour is stronger no one knows but him. Throughout the war when he served with multiple units before he was

commissioned with the Iron warriors he was commonly the only survivor of his units normally returning with the objective and some new kill markings.


Vanqisher cannon: A long range sub munition weapon that can penetrate almost any armor. It is pinpoint accurate when combined with Vanquishers powerful

sensor array. The longest recorded distance for a single shot kill by Vanquisher has been 3.2 earth miles with a single headshot. It cannot be fired at a

target within 200m due to it requiring that distance to arm and discard the external shield.

Sensor array: Able to read the smalest energy spike within 4 miles and register movement beyond the two mile mark.

Weaknesses: Vanquisher suffers in close combat due to his weaker armour in robot mode.

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