Name: Vei Corin

Primary Function: Recharging Paladin Red

Weapon: Magical Staff

“I don’t care what happens, I can’t fail now!”

Profile: A young fox that Eien brought along with him for the trip to Cybertron. She is only a child, but her magical lineage is strong enough that she can use her powers to manipulate and heal plant life, as well as sustain Paladin Red’s Astral Frame. She rides in a special cockpit in Paladin Red’s crown, and when needed can create a magical bubble that acts like a personal atmosphere in harsh environments or the vacuum of space. She is a young vulpine girl with long brown hair topped with a red cap, wearing a green-and-white dress, a red vest and white sandals. Though her powers allow her to crush metal with rapidly growing plants, Eien has forbidden her to fight during this dangerous adventure, possibly for fear of being upstaged.

Abilities: Above-average intelligence; sustains Paladin Red’s Astral Frame.

Weaknesses: Clumsy; very fragile in comparison to Paladin Red and the Transformers.

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