Name: Warstorm.

Function: Bounty hunter

Faction: Decepticon

Bio: Warstorm is a failed experiment of autobot and decepticon science. His cruelty has no equal amounst the decepticons. He has been known to break both legs and both arms of autobots and fellow decepticons [who fail there missions]. then place there weapon just out of there reach. Then he will watch them for sometimes hundreds of solar cycles before throwing them into a bare cell without a light source. There they will remain barely alive until Warstorm decides to replace them. In battle Warstorm is a ticking time bomb. His mood swings means he is just as likely to attack his fellow decepticons as the enemy. His internal personality is one of a twisted genius due to this many decepticons mistrust and fear him leading to him becoming a loner amoungst them. Unfortunately this led to him becoming one of the greatest bounty hunters in the known galaxy. Although he is recognised as a great bounty hunter he has shadowy links with a group called the gathering but these cannot be proven. He has come to earth in an attempt to fulful more of his outstanding contracts. He cares nothing for the ongoing war between autobot and decepticon only for his contracts Beacuse of this he answers to no one unless they can prove they are suerior to him.

History: During the time of peace on cybertron before the creation of megatron two scientists Zero Black [Decepticon] and Kaaras [Autobot] Experimented with the fusion of metalic and organic elements. There research Led to the creation of Warstorm. One solar cycle after his activation his body rejected the organics and the mood swings began. After he destroyed the laboratory he was confined until the start of the war when Zero black let him free, Zero black did not survive.

Weapons: Robot mode: Close combat weapon: Warstorm wields a large thor like hammer with a head made of a solid impact resistant metal that weighs over an earth ton. This gives him a powerful yet hard to use weapon.

Alt mode: Rhino horn : - Warstorm can reach 40mph full charge in his alt mode. his solid horn can peirce transformer armour at this speed. coupled with his bulk he can easily knock freind and foe alike out of his path.

Both modes: Beam gatling assault weapon: Fires hardened tip rounds that contain a strange chemical that nulifies circuitry and allows Warstorm to fulfill his contracts with ease. Due to the volatility of the round the clip size is limited to 500 rounds and Warstorm has four clips mounted on an autolaoder so when one clip is empty it takes less than four seconds to reload. With its high rate of fire accuracy makes little difference.

Alt mode:


Alt mode:

Height: 41 foot

Length: 60 feet

Robbot mode:

Hieght: 52 feet

Weakness. the failed aspect of his creation his mood swings can strike at any time sometimes losing small engagments. Rhino's charging attack can be dodged easily (this can often lead to Warstorm knocking himself offline for a short period of time if he hits something harder than his head.)

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