Now entering the WarZone. Please watch out for flaming dragons, angry cranky medics, ghost wolves, mechs with a habit of falling from the skies, and any weapons that may be slinging around the area. TCA will not be liable for any injuries obtained from entering this dangerzone.

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Brief Look at the WarZoneEdit

Meet the ModsEdit

All of the mods are here to help make the RPGing go smooth and that everyone is having fun. We can update character stats for any side and all Mod the WarZone Episodes. Most of us know enough of whats going on to answer any questions you have. :) Now introducing:



One of our Autobot WarMods, AK is great to go to if you have questions about the rules or a specific question about the WarZone RPG. You might have to wait a day or three for an answer though as AK has a pretty busy Real Life schedule. But that hasn't stopped him from being pretty involved.


A Decepticon WarMod, Insurgent has been just about everywhere in the TCA RPGing. He's good for updating a character's status and questions about the name of the game.
Mir Avatar


Another Decepticon WarMod, Mir helps us keep aware of things us other Warmods might miss. Real Life also has a habit of snatching her away from the game for a day or two, but she still manages to make a scary character. ;)


Omni is a WarMod for both the Cons and Autobots. He's great to go to if you want stats updated and while he's suppose to be an Autobot WarMod too, he's the person to ask if you have a Decepticon question. Especially if you have any questions about military related subjects about your character or RPGing.


Shockers is an Autobot WarMod who doesn't say too much outside of RPGing, but as long as Real Life doesn't have anything more interesting at the moment she's good for updating character stats and answering general questions.


Crazzy, a 'Con, is the newest addition to the War Mod group (hence the crown) and has already passed our initiation of being unable to post anywhere in the forms for a few days. :D Careful not to talk for him too long or else he'll have you talking blue. ;)



Wheeljack is a WarMod for the Autobots and is usually hanging around the board throughout the week. He's great for pestering about military related items as well.

General Rules of the WarZoneEdit

Here's a list of the rules and guidelines for playing in the WarZone. For the characters see the next section below. Rules listed with a (G) next to them lean more towards guidelines then hard-fast rules. This doesn't mean you can totally diregard them, but take them into account. Above all, being courtesy to the other characters can go a long way.

  1. Basics
    1. You must have a profile written for your character in order to participate. Exceptions to this are group leaders and newcomers who haven’t had the chance to do one yet, although you will be expected to do one within a week or so. PM your profile to a War Mod for approval and posting.
    2. Secondary characters may be used.
    3. No player can be in two user groups at the same time.
    4. Only faction (user group) leaders, mods and war mods will create main (TCA canon) episodes in the War Zone. However you can start your own side episodes, but wait for the go-ahead from the mod team before doing so. PM a mod if you wish to being a new side episode.
    5. No double posting.
    6. Signatures must be disabled in the war zone. Sometimes there is a lot to read through and they start to get in the way.
    7. Please do not place pointless OOC comments in your episode posts. There will be a thread alongside an episode for comments and questions.
    8. As with elsewhere on the forums, keep the foul-mouth off the keys and don't swear. There are more than enough curse words in the Transformers Universe to get your point across, such as Slag, Scrap, and Spawn of Unicron etc. (i.e. no racist, sexual or vulgar comments).
    9. You may only control the actions of your characters. Posting what another player character does is not allowed without their permission. Also please post an OOC comment in the relevant thread to let others know if someone will be posting for you.
    10. If a mod posts a request for your character to do something, take note; there may well be a reason for it.
    11. A note about side episodes: Standard rules apply to the side episodes unless the user who creates a given side episode states otherwise in the opening post.

  2. General game play
    1. If your character is not present at a conversation or event then your character will not know of it until they are informed. This includes magically figuring everything out based on what other characters are thinking. This is a common sense rule; knowing magically everything detracts from the fun. Of course, if the world goes bang or Martians attack on full-scale, it's safe to assume that everyone will know from the get-go.
    2. Take note of where you are. If you were in one place you cannot suddenly be in another unless in your last post you stated you were heading there. If you are moving a long distance, take the appropriate amount of time to get there.
    3. (G) Read the previous posts in the RPG, this helps to keep a story intact and stops things going round in circles.
    4. (G) If you are going to be away for a few days write something that will take you out of the story for a little while, ask if unsure. If you are allowing someone to move your characters, please post the notice in the episode's OOC thread.
    5. You may only come into the RPG with what is listed in your characters profile. No magically appearing weapons or abilities.
    6. (G) No magically appearing bases or ships. If for any reason you wish to use what would be anything other than for instance, a standard shuttle craft; please ask a mod first.
    7. (G) Private messages -- use them. They are a great way of asking other players questions, planning a story twist, working out how a battle should go, etc.
    8. All RPGs will be drawn to a definite end. Once a story has been fully played out, it will be brought to a close and the topic locked. If there are any loose ends these will be saved for a future RPG or tied up in an epilogue. You will be notified when a particular thread is coming to end. This is so it isn’t drug out to the point of boredom, and allows transitions to new stories and plots.
    9. No nuclear weapon attacks or similar weapons of mass destruction may be used unless first cleared by a mod. No nations, planets, etc. can be destroyed without permission from a mod. This includes triggering any natural disasters, or triggering an action that would destroy the current area of play without mod approval first.
    10. No claiming to rule over Cybertron or a specific faction. That's Starscream's job, don't make him come after you. ;)

Creating a CharacterEdit

yada yada yada, something about the stats, ect

List of WarZone inspired FanFictionEdit

List the fanfiction (and fanart?) created in the TCA's fandom area with links to them. Also provide extra links if they are posted on other zones. Example

How not To annoy Prowl by Cascadia

Link to TCA posting. Link to FFNET posting. Link to DA posting

What should go here?Edit

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