Name: Warhawk

Primary function: Rifleman

Alt mode: Futuristic Helicopter (rarely seen)

Weapons: Customised Rifle (stored in subspace and able to be fired one handed.). Short ranged arm mounted blasters.

Profile: One of the original Deceptions Warhawk was famed in the days before the uprising for his skill at both acrobatics and marksmanship. During the uprising he was recruited as a propaganda point rather then as a warrior, with Megatron preferring to keep him out of battles and where he could have been seen by all new recuits. Fed up with this and missing the joy of combat Warhawk simply walked out one and drifted from front to front often in the most dangerous of commands and never drawing attention to himself. After fighting his way through the years in the majority of the major battles, he decided it was time to settle down, and perhaps fight for the same commander more then once, he headed to char in order to once again rejoin the main body of the decepticons.

Warhawk in many ways not the typical decepticon, while he lives for the thrill of combat, it isn’t the bersek lust of many decepticons but more the urge to test his skills and to fight off boredom. Of his fellow decepticons, his commanders consider him unreliable, his male comrades consider him weak due to his fighting style, while the fems mostly consider him annoying to his habit paying more attention to their attributes then to their ranks or skills often leading to his constant use of the medbay.

Another difference politically wise is that, Warhawk doesn't favour any particular subfaction, or commander over another. This means that he doesn't take part in any of the faction infighting that often occurs, indeed he wont raise a a gun against a fellow decepticon except in self defence and even then he will try end the fight as quickly as possible, without occuring damage.

There is however a excepticon to this rule, Warhawk is completly loyal to megatron and hates any unicronian based transformer (ie characters who have been upgraded by unicron). This hate leads him to refuse to even be in the same room as one, and often leads him to commit 'accidental' friendly fire incidents.

On the battlefield, many autobots see his flipping, whirling and other tricks to be the sign of a novice or trainee only to quickly wind up defeated and in rare cases destroyed as their target flips over their heads and wields joints together with a few well placed shots.

Abilities/Weakness: Back in his arena days, Warhawk was gifted with an internal anti-grav generator that reduces the effects of gravity on him to 10 percent of the norm. While this allows him to preform acts of acrobatics that would be impossible other wise, it does have the side effect of making him far likely to be blown or knocked flying. Also unlike most Decepticons he can’t fly out side of his alt mode.

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