Alt mode {Titan class combat vehicle}:

Robot mode: standard mech keeps most of titans head and legs his upper alt mode torso splits to show a rocket pack and his arms fold out with the titans

weapons mounted on his forearms. His titan head rises up to form his robot head.

Bio: Having been recruited from a universe where autobots were more warlike Warhound learned the autobots protect life policy only after being recruited by Stom

Hawk. He has proven to be reasourceful and effective in combat. Very different to his indentical twin [as they share the same alt mode/creator/creation date]

Warhound has none of Master leo's animal instincts but instead gains the ability to detect microfractures in any material and then the skill to use his

weapons to take full advantage of this knowledge. Being the only mech able to fully understand Master leo they are commonly sent on the same missions. He is

useless in close combat due to his massively bulky and strong armour inhibiting his movement. His armour is about 20% stronger than that of his brother.

Weapons abilities: Turbo laser: a rapid fire high powered laser weapon that is also pinpoint accurate. Running off Warhounds internal fusion reactor it has unlimited ammunition

but due to the weapon overheating after 2 minutes of constant firing Warhound uses it to fire short bursts.

Plasma blastgun: Fires a beam of plasma that exites the molecules of a target tearing it apart. Unfortunately the plasma flasks required to use it are short

lived. This results in a maximum yield of 10 shots per flask. Warhound always carries two spare but it can take up to a bream to replace one.

{ability} Void shields: Warhound has a personal force field that can deflect and absorb most weapons fire. Running off his internal fusion core it can take

quite a beating before it falls leaving warhound without it.

Weaknesses: In his alt mode he is very easy to topple resulting in him having to transform to stand back up. Once his void sheilds are down they require a short amount

of time outside of fire to regenerate. Lacks close combat ability.

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