Whisper Red Things To Me is a free-form role-playing site that is suited for teens to adults. Anything can happen and can not just be used for roleplaying, but also a place to make new friends and discover new things. The site is always open for construction and is happy to oblige to comments and critisism. We only provide minor rules that can easily avoid breaking. We are new as of 2010 and welcome new members of any kind. Please join us and help build a fun community!


WRTTM is an "Anything Goes" kind of site. The theme is a red butterfly theme, and the logo is welcome for changing! (That is, if it's good enough to be changed to ;D) Anywho, More about the site, well, you'll just have to find out for yourself! We do offer teachers if you'd like to learn how to roleplay. And it is absolutely free!

Who can join?Edit

Teenagers to adults can join. Whisper Red Things To Me does have mature ratings and may not be suited for the younger generation, such as ages below 14.

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