Wilderness Awaits

This is a multi species RP. Choose your species. Then enter the wilderness. Choose your pack, or be a loner. Grow strong bonds or fight to the death. Show your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Fight for your family's and packs and mates or be the attacker. You choose your fate.

Rules (I know we all hate them...)
1.) keep everything pretty descriptive and long in post length.
2.) you can have mates with other people's characters and then make charge tees for your children
3.) the first person to register under each pack is the alpha (besides shadow pack)
4.)any species can be a alpha (I will make the alpha a moderator)
5.) you can kill other characters but a mod has to confirm the death or if you survive they will list the injuries in a ooc post.
6.) I'm not picky on language but keep everything semi appropriate
7.) please have fun and spread the word of the game!!!<3(:


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