William EckerslikeEdit

William Eckerslike (or Willy to his close friends) was the Chairman, and later, Managing Director of the JMC for the first 11 years of the Blue Dwarf story. His office was in the JMC Headquarters, in Grimsby.

Eckerslike was on close terms with Blue Dwarf's first captain, Will D Cannon. Because of his high rank and power, Eckerslike pulled strings to get Captain Cannon out of a court martial in 2101. 

First appearanceEdit

Eckerslike was first mentioned in the post "Executive decision pt1"[1], where Commander Niples made a complaint about Captain Cannon's incompetence. 

Connections with the HymenopteraEdit

Eckerslike worked towards an uneasy alliance with the Hymenoptera, where their technology was being shared and incorporated into JMC spaceships. One of the first hints of this was when Justin Pancake met Eckerslike[2], who both hinted that the Hymenoptera weren't "as bad as everyone thinks".


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