Wing Commander: From The Ashes is a sim at Phoenix Roleplaying. Set in the universe of Chris Robert's renowned Wing Commander computer games (specifically between the first and second), it focusses on TCS Phoenix, a Yorktown-class light carrier fighting the Kilrathi in 2662.


TCS Phoenix is a ship arisen from the flames. Six months ago, she narrowly survived a Kilrathi attack that cost her 75% of her air wing and then took part in a humiliating withdrawal. She has the taint of cowardice about her - but she has been given the chance to make things right. Having finished her work-up and repair, her group is sent to a small Kilrathi held system. A quick in-and-out operation to keep the enemy on its toes. Nice and simple. It would be anything but.


  • Pierce Langer
  • Nina Espinosa
  • Melinda Messervy
  • Melanie Messervy
  • Mila Waczinski

Behind the scenesEdit

  • TCS Phoenix crest

    Crest of TCS Phoenix CV-33

    Phoenix's name naturally derives from the name of the site that it is hosted on, but there was a real world WW2 cruiser called USS Phoenix. That ship is far better known as ARA General Belgrano, began sunk by the British in the Falkands War of 1982.
  • The ship's motto "Semper ardens" is Latin for "Always burning".

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