Wolf D. Michael Rimidis
NameWolf D. Michael Rimidis.
Physical appearance
HairRed and Brown. Auburn
EyesSilver Green
Born Unknown
Lithuania, Vilnius.
Baptized Levanger, Norway.
FamilyTwo siblings.
OccupationCurrently unknown.
As role-player
Known asLacarte, Codryxnia.
Runescape, yahoo, IMVU.
Hiatus2016 - 2017
RP genre
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LaCarte, also known as Wolf. , is a T1 IMVU role-player since 2006 and World of Warcraft role-player since 2010. He also role-played on Gaia Online and twelve different forums. He is now a Freelance Programmer, writer and musician.

Role-playing biography, and past events.

LaCarte started light role-playing on RuneScape under the name dave56111 as a paladin, a human who banished demons and a survivor. There, he wrote small paragraphs about banishing, fighting and trading. He joined IMVU the year after, in 2006. After meeting CharlotteCarrendar, he joined the Carrendar role-playing group and started learning proper T1 role-play.

Before LaCarte joined the 3D Chat application of IMVU, he studied abroad in different countries. He travelled several times between Norway, Italy, Germany, Egypt, England, and several other countries. He studied in different High Schools around the world, while using the opportunity of travelling to develop different talents and skills. Although he mainly used this opportunity to become a better writer, and to obtain more knowledge.

In 2011, he transferred to a new school in Italy, where he then proceeded to travel inbetween the European islands, to observe the landscape, meet new people and to gain inspiration for new scenes, stories and characters. Although LaCarte was a quite laidback and careless writer in terms of taking writing seriously. It is known that he used to be a self-harming writer, forcing himself to write and was in several self-destructive events. Many of which were caused by personal trauma and events within his own life.

It is also known that LaCarte was a mentor to several students, one of them named Ronald Clarke. A man from Barbados, who did not know English, and had no current job at the time of meeting LaCarte. After being mentored by LaCarte for more than 5 full years, Ronald Clarke become a successful writer, script writer, and musician. He is now currently occupied as a musical producer in Barbados.

In 2016, LaCarte disappeared from all Role-Playing communities, and had gone on a Hiatus. In 2017, he returned under a new name, on his second account on IMVU. He had by then, been to 20 or more countires, after this being confirmed by several people. He returned after a Hiatus, and was then in a serious relationship, which then ended right before the start of 2018. By the time of 2018, he had mastered 14 different languages, 17 different talents, and is still practicing within different activities, such as Martial Arts, being a practitioner of bleach character style shinpo. He also participates in local events based on programming and writing in Norway, and Monaco. He is now currently a freelance programmer, stock market trader, writer, and a brother of two.

In 2013, 2014, and 2015 his activity went into a decline, as he was then struggling with different mental, and personal problems. Which also were signs of suicidal tendencies, depression, and self-destructive habits which included the use of different medical items, and hazardous activities, which were done to forget what he was going through at that current time. After returning in 2018, he had then become a person who has ever since lacked different emotional functionalities, and returned only as a strict, highly private writer.

In 2007, LaCarte joined World of Warcraft and found the role-playing community on that game as well. He dived into learning how to RP on another open-world game and started developing his current main World of Warcraft character, Ragnarok. However, he only got serious about this role-play later.

In the same year, LaCarte also joined Free Realms, a now closed open-world MMORPG, as Lighter Striferhand or dave56111. On this community, he had his own group with its own forum. The role-playing on this community had more dramatic versed stories, however as Free Realms had a temporary shut down around the end of 2010, he returned to focus on IMVU.

After quitting RuneScape role-playing halfway through 2010 and Free Realms role-playing by the end of 2010, LaCarte became more serious about role-playing on IMVU. He was taught T1 by CharlotteCarrendar and did both storyline and combat role-playing. Next to that, he was also members of groups such as the Iron Dynasty, Rakdos De Majesty, Profane Creation.

In 2013, LaCarte's activity started to decline, and he went on hiatus for about a year twice on IMVU, once in 2013 and another time shortly after, in 2014. He quit World of Warcraft role-playing at the end of 2014 as well.


  • Carrendar: CharotteCarrendar's student.
  • Iron Dynasty: no relations
  • Profane Creation:  Partaker
  • Rakdos De Majesty: watcher



Ragnarok is LaCarte's main role-playing character on World of Warcraft. He is an orc and brute, who usually fights in arenas for his own honor and pride. He can't resist the fact of losing, and therefore uses all of his strength and rage to destroy his enemies. He failed twice, and got shunned by his tribe. To return, he had to defeat the leader of the 'Kavari' clan, and thus challenged the leader to a death-match in the arena. In the end, the leader's arms were ripped off by raw force, and then the head was beheaded by a steel axe.

As per the arena's rules, every orc could only choose one weapon and a shield. Ragnarok had chosen a steel axe outside of spears, swords, daggers, and blunts. He used the axe to defend himself, and push the enemy backwards, and at the end beheaded the tribe leader Saurik'gah. After that, Ragnarok became the next leader of the tribe. He joined the allegiance of a paladin, a human, who ended up betraying him, and thus got killed by his the Kavari tribe.


LaCarte's main IMVU role-playing character was Kishi, a hybrid experimentation and a vampire, shapeshifter and human hybrid. Kishi was born in 1357. He was experimented on with rituals and ancient drugs made throughout using a lot of ingredients. He became a hybrid of all three within the ritual completion in 1732 after a few hundred years. LaCarte based Kishi off of the quote "It takes a monster to kill a monster" and made Kishi therefore into someone who hunted down the same creature that he was: vampires, werewolves, banshees, and so on.

At the end of his life, he wanted to spend his days studying the area of where he lived, and how he lived. His human lover died before him at the age of 34 by a heart attack and lung failure, on the 12th of February 1814. Kishi was the only hybrid within that town that was still alive, second to his brother Antonio De Viecili, the brother of Kishi Bernadotte De Viecili. He was a fierce person, and died of aging in 1841, August 31. His death bed was in Italy, in the small village where Leonardo Da Vinci was born. After their characters' deaths, LaCarte and his fellow role-players dispatched and ended their role-play.

Caster Nr.47

LaCarte secondary main character on IMVU was a character named Caster Nr.47. This character was a magical, casting type combative character, used for spars and Death-Matches. It was created in 2967, May 25th/ The character was created as a project, on an uncharted island, by a private company that was funded by the United Nations of Europe. When he was created, and had fully grown, he had become violent, and escaped from the facility that he was created in, to only then travel the world, meet new people, and learned about Magic by the United Government of Magic, and proceeded to then spar other opponents, until 2020, where he then met his last opponent, Jack Vaselius. Jack and Caster had been prior close friends before they met on the battlefied, and in the end, Jack had slain Caster, to then proceed to bury his friend in the Cemetery of Confucius, Qufu, China, in 2020, October 4th.


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  • Hisao, online real-time chat interview with LaCarte. Accessed: January 4, 2015.

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