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Wraith is an extremely powerful and manipulative antagonist and one of the major characters of Pandemonium Fortress. He is one of the most popular participants of the Pandemonium Fortress franchise.


The BasicsEdit

He is a blood-red and torn cloak along with a matching hood. The sleeves are long and large, with 3 long, black, katana-like claws extending out from each sleeve. His face is completley shadowed and it seems as if there is nothing in the cloak but a sort of shadow energy. He hovers above the ground, usually a few inches above. His face seems non-existence, since it feels and looks as if there is nothing there but shadows. This is his Phantasm form, as he usually never goes into his human form. However, his human form is quite handsome. Its a 20 year-old young man with straight and long silver hair that sticks up at the front and his eyes are full of joy. His grin can inspire many, and his eyes are also silver. The blood-red cloak from his other form is also what he wears in this form, but he never puts the hood on. His hands are concealed in gloves that have black katanas attached to the thumb, middle finger, and pinky finger on each. He does not hover in this form, but instead wears 2 regular shoes of a black color with red laces.

The Details / Identifying featuresEdit

His trademark item is his torn blood-red cloak, and he also seems to be completley made of Shadow Energy in his Phantasm form. In his rarely used human form, he has silver hair and eyes, something that is not seen often.


Clothes / ArmorEdit

His torn blood-red cloak seems to be his only piece of clothing besides his shoes that are used in his human form.


  • His claws
  • A blood-red shield with outlines of black that seems like Vexen's (KH:COM) shield but with longer spikes, and Wraith wears this shield on the half of his arm that is attached to the hand. It seems to be a magical shield of sorts.
  • A strange and curious weapon that seems to be a staff with round orb on one end, and horizantally-positioned double saber on the other end, resembling a pick-axe. Since it is summoned from The Darkness, it is completley black.



Wraith is a disturbingly dark, sadistic, and eeire being. He seems to be stronger than most Unforgiven Phantasm and at one point calls himself the king of Unforgiven Phantasms. He is a manipulator by nature, and will do anything to make sure his plan goes right, even going so far as to change to his human form to kiss Evellyn. He does not care about how he looks to the public, but is still loved by the audience of Pandemonium Fortress as a sort of "enigma" character. He also has a split personality, his Phantasm form being enigma-like and his human form being care-free and happy.


  • He has a sort of respect for Evellyn, though in his human form he considers her "his girl".
  • Power
  • Taking away life
  • The Darkness
  • Just regular darkness and shadows


  • Every other fighter in Pandemonium Fortress
  • The Light
  • Regular light
  • Mr.Pandemonium


Marital StatusEdit

His human form seems to have an attraction to Evellyn.


No one.

Skills and WeaknessesEdit

Physical StrengthsEdit

When it comes to physical strength he cannot do much, seeing as he is made completley and uses only magic.

Skills and EducationEdit

  • The ability to envelop an area in a huge black orb where there is not escape, and is made completley of shadows and darkness
  • He can manipulate the orb in every way, even destroying it
  • A mastery over Shadow Energy
  • The fact that he can actually fight very good with his weapons
  • He has a small control over time and space, being able to ripple at any location at any time and making time slow so that he can dodge most attacks
  • Manipulation

He seems to be twice as wise as the average person but only a bit more smarter than the average person.


  • The Light
  • Regular light also seems to have a slight effect on him
  • Anything that would kill an average person in one blow will not kill him, but still give out some damage
  • Not a very good understanding of the human mind



As a human child, he was the kind prince of an unknown kingdom. He usually offered help to others that were in a state of being poor. He also appeared to be very religious and was an utmost beleiver in Christanity. He was loved by all, excluding those who wished to kill him for money or for their own rule. When he was almost assassinated, he was visited by a strange man in a suit that seemed like the stereotypicla wizard, being in a blue robe with yellow 5-pointed stars all over and with a matching hat which was tall and cone-like. His skin was pale with red-rimmed blacksunglasses and short black hair, along with a smile that seemed a mix of decieit and the smile of a salesman. He advised the prince to escape and never return, for the assassination would make people cry. "You don't want them to cry, now do you?" "No! Of....*sigh*.....Of course not."

So, the unnamed prince ran away. A few days later, when he heard that the whole kingdom was in a state of mourning, he rushed straight back. However, he was regarded by all to be a ghost and was not noticed by anyone. When he went to the funeral, he saw a disturbing sight that pushed beyond the very brink on insanity.

It was his body in the coffin. But how? HOW?! Then, he realized it. On the body, on the dead face....was a smile that seemed like deceit....and salesmen.


Many years later, he signed himself up to be the first Unforgiven Phantasm, a new project that consisted of Shadow Energy and Anti-Matter. When he succeeded, he felt more power than ever before. But since he had absentmindely wore a silver cloak he had during the process, it was completley stained with so much blood and torn so many times that he went by a new name that people gave him. Wraith. A year or two after this event, he ineveitably entered Pandemonium Fortress. He knew that this was the most powerful company in the universe. He wanted the power, to be back in royalty again. He had turned into something else ever since the "death event". Something dark. Something sinister. Something....evil. He set plans, he controlled every single variable and person in each of the previous tournaments, he controlled.....Pandemonium Fortress itself.


Significant ExperiencesEdit

The current Pandemonium Fortress tournament.


  • Evellyn, sorta kinda


  • Everyone

Current statusEdit

Holder of the Wraith Cup, which is named after him for being the first one to win a Tournament Cup.

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