“When the fire is quenched, and the smoke vanished – will I again see the night sky and remember how to live?”

"When the fires of war is quenched... Will I be walking stone?"

Primary function: Solider/Guerilla fighter

Alt mode: Wingless lizard (non-organic)

Weapons: 1x Heavy-duty Support rifle with 2x high-capacity magazine (projectile)

2x Disc launchers mounted on the underside of his forearms. Discs are palm-sized and are explosives and can have three settings – proximity, impact, and timer. Carries 24 disc.

1x Extendable tail-tip blades

Profile: An Al’Tyr who changes into a metal four-legged like lizard. As such, his alt-mode comes complete with clawed feet, tail, and dragon’s head. A lithe mech of reddish-brown color, Zakka'Tk keeps his tail in both bot and alt modes. The slim tail has a heavy end that contains three retractable blades for combat and the scaled sections of the tail travel up his spine to give him a full range of flexibility. He also has a set of sharp teeth, a leftover from a previous life.

In order to travel long distances without getting exhausted or when in need of an extremely quick getaway when being chased by wheeled Transformers, Zakka'Tk usually keeps his hover-board near. When not in use, he stores it away or programs it to stick near him incase he needs it. Built for war purposes, Zakka'Tk, being the young mech he is, is not above using it to try and invent a new style that, he assures any nearby audiences, will crash the party back at home.

Though it is at odds with his stealth and the fact that he can’t fire it without any sentiant being within two miles hearing it, Zakka'Tk will not be parted with his heavy-duty support rifle. It is modified so he can fire it standing up, usually using his tail to balance against the kick of the weapon. He can also carry it on his back in altmode. But since that can get in his way of moving around, he will often set it into a cradle on his hover-board and activate the computer AI to support him while he goes in hand-to-hand. At any time, unless his communications are damaged or being jammed, Zakka'Tk can contact the support rifle’s AI and issue it commands. It wasn’t exactly made with sharp shooting in mind, but Zakka'Tk sees that as a moot point when he can just spray the area with the heavy projectiles from his rifle.

Zakka'Tk can fight as a front line soldier, but has been trained in stealth. Though he isn't up to the skills of a special or Black Ops, he is good at what he does and likes to slip into the middle of a group of enemies to attack them from the inside, usually while his comrades attack from the outside. Zakka'Tk often uses the discs to cover his retreat or secure his position.

Abilities: ---

Weaknesses: Can’t travel as fast as mech with wings or wheels. In order to be able to move fast in combat, Zakka'Tk has had to forgo some armor and so while it is durable, and so it can’t take more then a couple heavy hits before giving out. Because he is primarily a hand-to-hand, Zakka'Tk is at risk of being overwhelmed or getting in the way of friendly fire.

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