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The renowned animal, Zorus
I'm stronger than my darkness.
NameZorus Zorus
Nickname(s)The Renowned Animal
AgeAppears 18
SpeciesTrue lycanthrope
Physical appearance
Weight4,531 lbs.
Skin toneBronze
HairJet black with silver streaks
OtherLupine lower half, including a proportionate tail; lupine ears; claws on his hands and paws;
LocationDarkhart Empire
ResidenceZorus Clan Base
Born April 5th
Mount Othrys
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FatherUnnamed grey wolf
MotherUnnamed grey wolf
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Alliance(s)Zorus Clan
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Mental state
PersonalityDominating, insouciant, insightful, diplomatic
AlignmentChaotic neutral
ReligionAncient Greek
LikesJewels and gold; grapes; angel, demon, vampire, werewolf & dragon meat; black magic; open space; orchards; chasing things; sexual relations; females
DislikesSweets; allergy to citrus; loud & obnoxious people; authority; being forced to do things; gods
Professional life
FactionDarkhart Empire
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Out of character
CreatedAugust 2017
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RP genreFantasy
RP typeT1
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Zorus is the product of the once great Titan, Cronus' boredom and formerly his collared pet. At the heights of Mount Othrys, a dominion ruled by his former master, Cronus, is where Zorus was chained for twenty years. Originally an unnamed common wolf who dwelled within nearby plains, Zorus unluckily found himself to be the slave of Cronus and a prison for the cacodemons, Zoa (meaning "Animal") and Ruus (meaning "Renown") in retaliation to his parents opposition towards the Titans. He served as one of Cronus' toys up until the Titanomachy in which he allied with the gods and helped imprison the Titans.


Originally, Zorus was just a simple Grey Wolf with pure black fur and golden yellow eyes. Though this form was abandoned by Zorus long ago, after his body was twisted by Cronus presence and he became a celestial mutant, Zorus has displayed the ability to still revert to this form at will. After his gruesome transformation, Zorus was granted a nearly human body; standing upright at about five feet and nine inches off of the ground, his lower body is covered in supernaturally dense black fur besides his short-haired groin much like an actual wolf. Hanging from the base of his spine, just above his pelvis, Zorus has a four-foot long tail that consists of long, dense fur radiating away from it in all directions, but sloping toward the tip. He has a mole that can be seen just below his member on his left thigh. Like an average wolf, he has nine inch (foot) paws armed with retractable three inch claws. From the waist up, he is lightly haired and he essentially has a human anatomy with the exception of three inch long retractable claws on his hands and his supernatural genetic makeup. Zorus has smooth bronze skin and a lean, athletic build, as well as shaggy black locks painted with silver streaks that sweep over his left eye. To make him look even more menacing, Zorus has golden irises with black pupils and black sclera. Jutting from the top of his head are two wolf ears which are triangle-shaped, rounded at the top and measure almost five-and-a-half inches respectively. The outside of his ears have short, dense black fur while the inside has a longer, lightly-colored fur. In both of his ears, he has seven piercings. On the outer sides of his pinna, Zorus sports four supernaturally obsidian captive bead rings and on the inner sides of his pinna, he wears three supernatural obsidian studs accordingly that glow a faint dark purple. He also garbs a black collar with adamantium spikes around his throat with the name Cronus seemingly crossed out with a blade of sort. Supported by a twenty-four inch adamantium chain Just below this collar hangs an enchanted pendant featuring an adamantium skeleton hand gripping an Omphalos stone resembling obsidian. Generally, Zorus dons trashy rags made of nothing special such as the normal black cotton trousers than only hang to his knees which hide his lupine member. Zorus genitalia consists of a fur covered scrotum, composed of thin, dark colored skin. The scrotum surrounds the testicles and is designed to keep the testicles several degrees cooler than his internal body temperature so that the sperm are not damaged by excessive warmth. From the scrotum extending along the lower belly is the prepuce, often called the sheath. The prepuce is a flap of fur covered flesh that sheaths and protects the penis. The penis is a soft fleshy organ which extends from the sheath about ten inches as it pumps full of blood when he becomes sexually aroused. The penis contains a bone called the baculum bacula which aids in penetrating the female during copulation. When canines mate the male's erection occurs after penetration, rather than before (to achieve) penetration as in humans.  Toward the base of the penis is the bulbus glandis, also called the knot, which swells into the female's vagina to tie the male and female together during coitus. The knot prevents the mating pair from parting until after insemination has taken place. In addition to mating function and urination, the penis is also used to scent mark; his urine contains a pheromone, or scent, unique to him and that other wolves smelling this mark can easily identify. Out of mating season, his testicles tend to shrink, accompanied by the loss of sexual appetite. He compliments these trousers with a normal black cotton tee shirt and wraps black cotton bandages around his forearms and hands for the aesthetic. Lastly, he models cotton rags around his collar that acts as a scarf of sorts. Zorus is also capable of switching between himself, Zoa and Ruus on the material plane. In the form of Ruus, Zorus resembles a ghastly collection of black smoke in a formation much like a ghost with two arms, two hands, five fingers, a head and instead of legs, the smoke takes the form of a fiery robe. Two ghastly horns jut from the top of his ghastly cranium just to add more evil to his appearance. He has no mouth or nose or ears but he has two piercing golden eyes with the left being much larger than the right and lacking a pupil. His final and most coveted form is that of Zoa. In this form, he appears as a large black wolf composed of a mysterious green sludge that leaks uncontrollably from his maw and body. Like his other counterparts, he has sharp golden eyes but unlike the other forms, he retains the wolf shape nearly completely & his body is covered in these eyes.


  • Dominating: Despite his apparent introversion, Zorus still has his canine instincts. As a result, he takes the role of alpha male regardless of where he's at or who he's with. He maintains a fearsome leadership and makes sure that people respect his space and his pack. He has no qualms with lashing out, much like a child, abusing both others and himself.
  • Diplomatic: Overall, Zorus is a mighty driving force to be reckoned with. However, that is only as a last resort. He plays the field expecting all of the worst things to happen; meaning he plans accordingly. When things go array, he becomes manic. This can be exhibited by his habit to scratch at his neck to the point where he even bleeds lightly under stress. He seems to isolate foes and have them die by indirect means allowing him to avoid confrontation, only ever facing enemies head-on as a last resort.
  • Insightful: In spite of Zorus' personality's shortcomings, he is extremely intelligent. He is able to make calculated deductions in millisecond, displaying his supernatural perceptiveness. He's able to analyze a creature's anatomy and understand a creature's strengths and weaknesses simply by watching them fight for a short amount of time. Zorus has also shown that he is wise enough to willingly learn from his mistakes and adapt, making more and more of a threat progressively as his experience in life continues.
  • Insouciant: He has proven that logic is what primarily moves him, as he tries not to fuss about his appearance. He reads and studies everything he feel he doesn't know. When it comes to his ideals and explanations, he tends to be rather blunt and rather flatlined. If he has a particular belief, he will state it without holding anything back. This makes him often come off as cold and apathetic, showing very little energy and letting people resolve their issues by themselves.

Physiology, abilities & weaponsEdit

Zorus seems to retain a few of his lupine features from before the mutilation of his DNA.
Depending on the general temperature of the season, his fur grows quite thick to keep him comfortable. During this time, his pelt is completed with a short, dense undergrowth of fine, shadow grey prime coat. When the temperature rises, he sheds the mass of black fur, thinning his pelt dramatically to prevent his body from overheating. This is merely his body's instincts and simply put, he's able to shed and grow fur dramatically to protect his well-being. He can handle temperatures as hot as six thousand kelvin and even the freezing cold of absolute zero, he instinctively shivering as such a rapid pace due to his mutation that prevents him from freezing without stress. Because of his humanoid body, he still sweats. If his immortality is to ever come undone, the color of his fur will begin to fade into lighter shades as he ages. Zorus' golden eyes are generally as good as a human's. However, due to his supernatural lupine instincts, he has excellent peripheral vision with eyes optimized to detect motion. 95% percent of the receptors (rods) in his retina are grayscale while the last 5% are the color receptors (cones) which aids Zorus in his ability to see at night. Unlike other creatures, he only has red and blue photo receptors in his eyes. Because of this, it is generally thought that he is partially color blind. However, this is not the case. The only fault in Zorus vision is due to the fact he is near-sighted. His eyes lack a foveal pit, an indentation in the retina which provides for focusing on distant objects. The ears that jut from the top of his head are able to move independently of each other in all directions which assists Zorus in detecting the direction of sound with exceptional precision. He also uses this range of motion as a means of communication between other wolves and, by moving them forward and blocking his vertical canal, he's able to protect his ears from overloading. He's able to hear a pen drop from up to five miles away yet that is the extent of his hearing. Speaking of his senses, Zorus' greatest ability is his sense of smell which is hundreds of times more developed than the average wolf's. His nasal cavity possesses about fifty times more olfactory receptors and twenty-five times more scent receptors than the average wolf. Not only is this used as an ability to detect and locate prey, it is also used for a variety of other tasks such as identifying beings, sensing the health of other beings, sensing moods and intention through creatures' scent glands, knowing where they've been, knowing who they've been with and what they've been eating. His upper body is considerably weaker than his lower body in terms of physical strength with the exception of his jaws. He's actually only strong enough to lift a few tons and punch holes through solid steel. Zorus has a long, thick tongue that tapers to a thin tip that curves into a ladle-like form which is useful for lapping up liquid. Although his tongue only has four identified taste receptors (sweet, salty, bitter & acidic), it is covered in papillae which aid in grooming and tugging meat from bones. Lining his jaw are 42 teeth ranging from molars to incisors to fangs which specialize in cutting, slicing and grinding flesh and meat. Zorus has fangs that measure two and a half inches long and he has a bite force of five hundred thousand tons per square inch. This is enough jaw pressure to eat bite a chunk out of a mountain.

His supernatural mutation allows him to utilize his entire body to his advantage without consequence. From the waist down, he has the anatomy of a wolf. However, his knees are able to lock which prevents his muscles from exerting too much energy to stay upright. Instead of walking on his heel pads, Zorus is digitigrade. This lupine build is ideal for agile, fast movement on any terrain, even deep snow and the webbing between his toes makes him an exceptional swimmer. The reason he weighs so much and is still able to move with such speed is because of his muscle and fur's density. Retaining his lupine legs, Zorus is capable of reaching a top speed of five hundred and seven miles an hour in about twenty seconds and is capable of maintaining this speed for about an hour, after which he has to rest or sleep for at least ten to fifteen minutes before resuming activity. Naturally, as a mutation, he has a great capacity for long journeys especially in the search for food or new territory. Being kicked by one of these legs is a certified death blow as they've proven to be able to make the Earth's layers shift.

When Cronus was creating Zorus, he used the wolf's body as a prison for two cacodaemons and in turn, made him a door into the shadow realm.
Due to this, Zorus hosts two shadow familiars which he is able to materialize from his own shadow due to the Stygian Collar of Madness and contract them back freely as a sort of extension. The two cacodaemons are sentient and capable of speech, treating Zorus as their master and being very protective, no matter what state Zorus is in. The personality, strength, defense and control of the cacodaemons depending on the surrounding light situation. Under strong light, the cacodaemons are weaker yet still display extraordinary defensive skills even against heavy light. Zoa becomes docile and timid under light while Ruus becomes extremely introverted and somewhat cowardly, allowing Zorus to control them both with ease and adeptness. Under little to no light, Zoa becomes much larger and ferocious while Ruus becomes far more chaotic and massively destructive, yet as a result far more powerful. Zoa is able to rip through mountains and ravage entire forests while Ruus is able to level entire kingdoms with his dark force. The cacodaemons personality is also dramatically different as Zoa becomes vicious and attacks anything that moves or makes an indiscriminate sound while Ruus becomes unruly and chaotic, warring with any force in his path. While deployed, keeping the cacodaemons under control during the night seems to require nearly all of his focus or else the cacodaemon would start enveloping Zorus with his shadow and taking control, with Zorus slowly becoming immobile both physically and mentally allowing them to forcibly mobilize Zorus and rampage until they are weakened by the light again. Zorus' negative emotions such as regret and indignation also intensifies the two cacodaemons, making them hard to control. As a result of their imprisonment, only one of the three are able to exist in the same instance yet grants Zorus with a couple abilities. For example, he is able to fuse with shadows as a means of transportation, teleporting and moving through them. This also extends to foreign objects be teleported and transferred through shadows such as other people.

Abilities Edit

4/5 A
5/5 S
3/5 B
5/5 S
2/5 C
Zorus's stats, according to Cerebel's Multiversal Persons Database.

Weapons Edit

Stygian Collar of Madness
The insane weapon was forged out of Stygian iron from the depths of the Underworld. Stygian iron is a magical metal, just as durable as the mystical orichalcum, capable of absorbing or destroying the essence of monsters and injuring all mortals and immortals alike as it moves through multiple planes at the same time. Stygian iron is mined and forged in the Underworld and cooled in the River Styx, producing a clean, supernaturally durable metal that glows a faint purple and induces fear in creatures all across the universe. Cerebel predicts the reason for this is the fact that foes attacked with this weapon have their essence trapped in it, preventing them from reincarnating. This collar makes Zorus relatively imperceptible because it allows him to become a shadow. This means that while wearing it, Zorus can pass through walls and melt into shadows, not to be touched, seen or heard by anyone, even gods, angels, demons and their oracles. The Stygian Collar of Madness also acts as a medium which allows Zorus to channel his shadow powers. This is what allows Zorus to materialize his familiars, Zoa and Ruus. Death and terror radiate from the weapon to a tremendous degree. When used at maximum power, the Collar's aura of ineffable deadly terror is so intense that it mimics Hades; it can easily unhinge people's minds and stop their heartbeats, which is why most rational beings fear the dark.

Log from hospital patient:

Subject 1: Fuck.. It won't stop. I can feel it reaching in there.
Nurse: What is it? Where is it reaching?
 Subject 2: Please. Just get it out of my head. I'm so afraid. I don't know. I'm so fucking afraid.
Nurse: Tell me what's going on. 
Subject 1: It's my fault. I shouldn't have looked. It's my fault. It's my-
Subject 2 (in harmony): It's my-

Both of the subjects abruptly died of a heart attack in the middle of this interview.

The Collar is capable of taking multiple forms, suitable to the wielders desires. For Zorus, the Collar takes the form of piercings and a skull ring. The Collar glows a faint dark purple in any form that it takes which makes it slightly recognizable. Zorus has made it take the form of piercings, a collar, a skull ring, a necklace, a wreath of bones, a halo composed of purple flames and a dragon's head. Due to the weapon's mysticism, it is personalized and enchanted for use by Zorus making it nearly impossible to lose. However, Zorus has proven that when his throat is not free then the collar cannot return and this has led to a disadvantage. Only divine intervention can stop the weapon from reuniting with Zorus when separated.

Key of Hades
Socketed in the Stygian Collar of Madness is a single magic key from a series of keys created by Hades which has the power to "seal" or "free" people from the Underworld which means he's able to fluidly travel between the Underworld, Tartarus & other dimensions. This is the reason that one touch of his weapon is enough to send or release a soul to and from the Underworld.

Biography Edit

During a time that precedes the genesis of humanity, the world was occupied by monsters and gods. In addition to the monsters were the common prey and predator such as the grey wolf and before humans, they were the ones that made mistakes with the gods. Located at the center of Greece, Cronus ruled the universe atop Mount Othrys in a palace so large and terrifying that even the Olympians trembled when they first arrived. The palace itself is made completely from black marble, which made it both terrible and beautiful, made of fear and shadow. The palace's glimmering black towers reached the clouds, like greedy fingers, reaching out for the stars. As for the interior, the main pavilion is ringed with Greek columns, the floor is polished black marble (which is pure black and shiny, like a mahogany piano), and a cold wind always blows down the hallway. Green Greek fire burns all day long in braziers along the walls, which glow against the marble floor. In-between the braziers are black marble statues of the elder Titans. In the main hall, the huge Black Throne of Cronus is located. In Zorus' notes, the throne is described as being cut out of a gigantic piece of pure black obsidian, and encrusted with gold and diamonds. Thick black mist segregates the peak of Mount Othrys from the bottom of the mountain where everything else lived.

The Garden of the Hesperides is Hera's garden at Mount Othrys, where there is a single tree on which golden apples grow. It is guarded by Ladon, a hundred-headed dragon. The golden apples were called the "Apples of Immortality", and it was believed that whoever ate of them will become immortal. The garden was also guarded by the Hesperides but they were easily swayed which was the reason for the never-sleeping Ladon. This story begins with a wolf pack who's claimed territory included the Garden of Hesperides. Wolves, much like humans, sometimes partake in war to expand their territory and this is often what this pack did. The leader of this pack was bloodthirsty, smart and charismatic as ever. This wolf would be the father of Zorus. The golden apples were planted from the fruit branches that Gaia gave to Hera as a wedding gift when she accepted Zeus. Now being a part of the alpha's claimed jurisdiction, it felt proper to indulge in the fruits it bore. His first test was the Hesperides. This was not hard as he controlled a pack and plenty of pups. Taking place sometime after Zeus freed his siblings, using his pups and his own charisma, he convinced the Hesperides to escort him to the tree so that he could take a single apple and heal his pups' dying mother. The next obstacle was Ladon, the hundred-headed dragon. This took a bit more strategy and finesse but this was always achieved. Using his mischievous and witty pups, he distracted the Hesperides and Ladon while he leaped, swallowing a single apple whole and running for freedom. All of the pups were crafty enough to also escape, losing the behemoths with little effort.

This infuriated King Cannibal as he swore to abduct the pack's next son as a form of punishment for violating his daughter's belongings in his domain. The alpha had another pup soon after the incident who was able to grow for about six months before he simply vanished. The pack mourned but as wolves, these things happen all the time. All the while, this was the result of King Cannibal living true to his vow. He chained the pup on Mount Othrys for some time as he continued his golden reign. It did not take long for Cronus to imprison two beings in Tartarus, located in the Underworld, along with six of his younger brothers, the hundred-handed Hecatonchires and one-eyed Cyclopes. They were supposed to remain in there for the rest of eternity while the wolf was to act as his guard dog slash pet for the rest of eternity. Due to his father eating the golden apple which granted its consumer the blessing of immortality, the pup was born with a dormant mutation within his DNA. It took nothing but Cronus immediate presence for the pup's mutation to activate and what is now known as Zorus to be born. He became what was then known as a monster and now known as a true lycanthrope. The wolf pup guarded the gates of Mount Othrys and was chained to Tartarus where he remained for some years, as the imprisoned shadow cacodaemons were supposed to. The problem with these two particular prisoners was the fact that they existed on multiple dimensions at once, allowing them to wreak havoc even though they were imprisoned. This, of course, enraged the great Cronus but he didn't know what to do. He looked to Atlas for wisdom and Atlas suggested locking their shadows down elsewhere. Cronus still resented his pet pup so, following Atlas' advice, to torture the young wolf, Cronus mutilated his very shadow and in turn, his very being. He fused the two cacodaemons', called Zoa and Russ, shadows with the young wolf pup. During this time, Zorus was relatively powerless compared to the Titans and Olympians. His only abilities utilizing the shadows were passive while his physical capabilities were child's play compared to the celestials. He spent so much time simply sitting in front of a castle, becoming introverted and bloodthirsty for Titans. The three spent enough time plotting and corrupting each other for their movements to be fluid and ambivalent.

The heavenly civil war between the Olympians and the Titans was his big break. All six of Cronus' children quickly declared war against their father & the other Titans with the exception of a couple, resulting in the eleven-year long Titanomachy. The universe quickly began to take sides and of course, Zorus supported the Olympian faction. Initially, Cronus and the Titans were demolishing his children, winning with no contest. Atlas was an important general in this war, dominating the gods. However, the Olympians snuck to Tartarus where they defeated the monstrous Campe and freed their uncles, Hecatonchires and Elder Cyclopes. Breaking the chains and gates of Tartarus also freed the slave-pet, Zorus which gave him enough time to take shelter in the shadows and seek out the Olympians. They caused so much of a ruckus in the war that they weren't hard to find at all. The Titans became comfortable in their winning war. This gave Zorus enough time to find the Olympians and just in time to receive a weapon from the Cyclopes. Zeus did not agree to allying with Zorus at first but Hades and Hera insisted. Zeus employed his titanic uncles and they began throwing "boulders the size of mountains" hundreds at a time towards Mount Othrys while the Cyclopes forged legendary weapons such as Zeus' iconic lightning bolt, Poseidon's trident, Hades' helm of darkness and lesser known Zorus' collar of shadows made of Stygian iron described as being "black as a nightmare." This is the eternal weapon that allow Zorus to materialize shadows and truly become one with them. The weapon even induced terror and radiated madness to an insane degree. Only celestial weapons such as Zeus' bolt can even rival its capabilities in power. With these weapons and support, the war was quickly overturned. The Titans were imprisoned in Tartarus with the Hecatonchires being made their guards while Atlas was given the special punishment of holding the sky up for all eternity.

Journal entry by Hestia:

Following their final victory, the three brothers divided the world amongst themselves: Zeus was given domain over the sky and the air, and was recognized as overlord. Poseidon was given the sea and all the waters, whereas Hades was given the Underworld, the realm of the dead. Each of the other gods was allotted powers according to the nature and proclivities of each. The earth was left common to all to do as they pleased, even to run counter to one another, unless the brothers (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades) were called to intervene. Earth divided in factions as well, with each faction either choosing to side with Zeus or Hades while the rest sided with minor gods. Zorus found himself relating to Hades better personally which moved him to migrate to the Underworld where he resided for a few thousand years. He stopped aging at around eighteen and polished his skills with his newfound power. He studied the dead from their souls to their anatomy. He studied the Underworld, beginning at the River Styx. Using his shadow fusion, he began exploring the other realms of the dead. He became obsessed. Zorus began experimenting on the dead and tormenting the souls across the multiverse. His presence generated so much ineffable terror that it pales surrounding entities, even gods. He was feared and loathed among the multiverse and hells alike. He was the renowned animal, Zorus.

Due to his loyalty and knack for wreaking havoc, he was granted with a Key of Hades by Hades himself. He placed the key inside of his weapon created by the Cyclopes. He found himself bore after aeons of nothing but research and travel. It was time to settle down somewhere, he felt. He could continue his research somewhere stationary. Beginning his search for domesticity, Zorus found himself in the Darkhart empire sooner than later. At this point, his skills were further than masterful and his finesse was only second to his charisma. He quickly weaseled his way into the Darkhart hierarchy, becoming an assassin under Xaeron's leadership. His first mission was something so simple and slight for a creature of his stature, he handled it in one gesture. The target was a bandit goon who had some people held up in an enchanted cave. His power, naturally hidden from the rest of Darkhart, was unleashed upon the cave and the bandit goon was destroyed in one swift movement. Luckily, there was no one there to witness his power. He has returned to the castle where he now finds solace living as a wolf in the castle and an assassin when need be.



The name Zorus is derived from the Greek Zōros, literally meaning "Pure". The name Zorus can also be interpreted as it was intended to be by Cronus. According to Cronus, the name Zorus is a combination of the host's inhabitants. Zoa, meaning "Animal, and Ruus, meaning "Renown", create a renowned animal under Cronus command.

Quotes Edit

  • "I was rejected, never given any expectations. ... Then at least, I won't be a burden to others. It's alright if the only one who's hurt is me...!"
  • "Falling through the branches; standing still among the shaking leaves. Stop and listen. My approach, my touch. The wind shifts and there I am. ... Cool against your skin. I will not leave you."
  • "I told you to leave me alone."
  • "Anybody can go anywhere and challenge any champion as long as they have the nerve."
  • "Me & the darkness have something special."
  • "I married my demons a long time ago."


  • Many creatures have described Zorus' appearance as a wolf to make shadows even gloomier, like his fur just absorbed the light and heat out of the air.
  • Cerebel has described Zorus as a true lycanthrope which implies that Zorus is technically a lycanthrope.
  • Zorus breeds a different class of lycan, born with one of two types of familiars: Zoa type (up-close & physical, brute force) or Ruus type (ranged, magically inclined).
  • Zorus has shown to be generally solitary yet he has his own unique way of communicating with people.
  • Zoa and Ruus are complete opposites of each, with Zoa being animalistic and brute while Ruus is strategic and witty.
  • Hades once gifted Zorus with a vampire zombie chauffeur named June. Strangely enough, Zorus is capable of summoning this zombie whenever.
  • When stressed, Zorus has a habit of twisting the skull ring he wears. This alone is enough to make the dead restless and arise.