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The Black Cat
"This is all such a drag."
NameSimor'a Zul
Alias(es)The Black Cat
Age15 years
SpeciesHuman (Esper/Warlock)
Physical appearance
Weight133 lbs.
Skin toneIvory
EyesDark Brown
ResidenceCastle Reaver
Born Simor'a Zul
October 30th
Cause of death
FatherAlucard Zul
MotherSimara Zul
Other family
Friend of
Enemy of
Mental state
PersonalityAloof, insouciant, compassionate, resolute, indolent
AlignmentTrue neutral
LikesChess; Solitaire; Being Alone; Sleeping; Studying; Candy; Money;
DislikesPork; Talking; Doing Things; Moving; Being Depended On;
Professional life
Employed by
Years active{{{yearsactive}}}
MagicNegation; Summoning; Enchantment; Binding
Out of character
CreatedAugust, 2015
RP title
RP genreFantasy
RP typeT1
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 The warlock prodigy, Jinx, is now an infamous bounty hunter and mercenary. He's known for being the smartest in every room in addition to his otherworldly wisdom and eerie silence.


The Zul prodigy appears to be gauntly built with black locks that partially hang in front of his face and over his ebony-flavored eyes. pale ivory skin riddled with ritualistic tattoos that reach every corner of his being. He is generally described as a fragile-looking, handsome boy with a beautiful face but he's also described as being uninteresting and lacking personality in the same breath. This is because Jinx usually has a rather nondescript expression upon his bespectacled visage.

His regular outfit consists of a lengthy black parka with a sable fur lining the edges of the hood with no shirt underneath. To compliment this, he wears dark rugged jeans which tuck into his kobicha-colored leather boots, described below. These boots have an orichalcum toe and orichalcum mid-sole plates that have been enchanted via archaic arcane practices. Jinx also wears leather gloves that keep the sigils on his palms hidden from plain sight, adding more to the mystery of his personage. Completing the ensemble is a beanie that wraps around his head perfectly, adorned with two fur poms that sit perched at the top of it on both sides like little furry ears. He hides his eyes behind a pair of spectacles that wrap around his face and grant him additional assistance.


  • Aloof: Jinx is very anti-people as they bother him too much, plus he lacks typical social skills. He dislikes talking to people and as such, he comes off as very distant. He is incapable of reading the atmosphere and taking hints, which had lead to him being unable to make friends his entire life.
  • Resolute: Despite his lack of social skills, he has an admirably indomitable will. Even if he is in great pain or could barely move, he will achieve whatever goal he creates. This is most evident is his ability to keep his emotions in check. Jinx's strength of will is directly connected to his psychic resistance, which makes reading his mind or manipulating him difficult for even the most powerful espers in the universe.
  • Indolent: He dislikes doing things. He dislikes exerting unnecessary energy and if you ask him, every task is strenuous. He hates moving, he hates talking, he hates thinking too much and he hates fighting. It's not that he's incapable of doing it or it's too much of a task to him, he simply does not want to do anything.
  • Insouciant: Jinx always appears to have little to no care in the world. This is a direct result of him ensuring his emotions are kept in check. In his childhood, Jinx learned that strong negative emotions will cause him to destroy everything in his path– even his comrades. Thus, he rarely exhibits any emotion. Everything that happens is just "eh".
  • Compassionate: Hidden behind his strong will and apparent apathy is his intense thoughtfulness. Jinx is forgiving, kind, and helpful to those he loves. Even with his nonchalant attitude, he often shows that he is not actually devoid of joy or humor when he grins after being impressed or amused by his own actions. His love is very genuine and he would go to great lengths to protect his friends.


Compared to other humans, Jinx is extremely physically unfit with many below average physical capabilities. Standing at five feet & nine inches and weighing only one hundred & thirty three pounds, he has surprisingly low muscular strength and no real bodily coordination. However, unlike most humans, Jinx has an unhinged mind which processes information at an incalculable rate. His reflexes and supernatural deductive capabilities are evidence of this supernatural intelligence. This level of mind power is the reason for his spiritual awareness and psychic abilities. This also allows him to perform his spells with much ease and finesse. Jinx is capable of sensing the ectoplasmic energy radiated from other espers and spiritual beings from up to twenty kilometers away, or almost twelve and a half miles. He uses this to find targets marked for exorcisms or other mystical creatures he has been assigned to. This ability is passive if the ectoplasmic symbol is anywhere within two kilometers but Jinx's ability to expand his "psychic antennas" range, as he calls it, requires very little effort. Jinx has an extremely large mana pool or store of psychic energy, which is why he has such high stamina despite his physical ineptness. In dire times, such as when one of his emotions has reached the surface or when his body is unconscious, he will passively sap nearby psychic (ectoplasmic) energy (or mana) from anything within a kilometer radius and add it to his own mana pool. This includes spirits, other espers, and even plants. When not unconscious but in a state of intense feeling, while absorbing another's mana, it is possible for him to feel their emotions and even be overwhelmed by these emotions. However, this quirk wouldn't be complete if it didn't have a polar opposite. Jinx has also showcased the ability to energize other living beings with his mana, regardless of their magical or psychic ability. In the case of those with a naturally small mana pool, like the typical human, his power will bleed out very quickly as their bodies are incapable of coveting that much energy for too long, and is of limited use unless the person is already versed in the ways of using psychic power. Albeit, even these typical humans will display the basic abilities such as the passive protective shield of ectoplasmic energy and limited telekinesis. Jinx has often shown this ability with plants, being able to manipulate and grow those imbued with his energy at will. He has shown great promise in his psychokinesis as well. When he applies effort, he is capable of lifting over ten tons with ease. Jinx is so versed with his telekinetic ability, that even in a weakened state, he is still able to lift over a ton with his psychokinesis. However, he typically only uses this psychokinesis to augment his physical capabilities. In combination with the sigils that ward him from the damage that physics can cause, he is capable of moving at speeds up to nine hundred & seventeen miles per hour (Mach-1.12) at maximum and two hundred & ten miles per hour with little to no effort. The constant magic aura that surrounds his form, within the passive ectoplasmic sphere that acts as a shield against spiritual and psychic assaults, supports his body, clothing and anything he is touching and protects them from the effects of using this power. This aura essentially eats kinetic energy, siphoning off some as he moves at the speed of sound, and blocks out airborne particulate matter on a molecular level, heavily lessening friction and cushioning the physical blows that he may deliver or receive in combat. Finally, there is a second mass of magical energy within him, besides his mana pool, that coats all of his inner organs. This works to the same affect as the outer aura and is, in fact, powered by a sigil as well. This inner energy keeps his body from feeling the affects of the G-Force, keeping his blood flowing and his organs from feeling too heavy as he moves faster than the speed of sound. Lest these sigils, tattooed in his skin and hidden among a mass of other tattoos about his body, be broken then they will not stop working. These sigils, explained in his grimoire, are powered by a force beyond even his understanding. As far as he knows, this force is mainlined from the astral plane itself, and the magical energy that powers it is actually compressed raw aether. The astral plane and aether are complicated things. However, one does not need a full understanding of these infinite sources to tap into them. The sigils that decorate Jinx's body make full use of this, acting as direct conduits for the quintessence that encompasses the astral plane so unlike other seals, the connection cannot be simply cut off. Jinx has also marked his body with three more aether-powered sigils, located on both of his palms and around his belly button. Being that Jinx is a human and has not spiritually linked himself with either light (holy) or dark (demonic) magic, his existence is a neutral phenomena that is only found typical in the average human. This neutrality negates affinitive abilities and destabilizes affinitive magic that targets him. However, he is able to draw power from both of these affinitive sources. On his right palm he possesses the seal of Elysium, which acts as a miniature gateway into the Elysian Fields, while his left palm is branded with the seal of Hades, which acts as a miniature gateway into Tartarus. These two palm sigils act as a medium for any affinitive spells and ensure that Jinx remains a neutral figure in the world of magic and on the scale of worldly balance. Finally, wrapped around his belly button is the final active sigil tattooed on his skin. This final seal keeps all of the seals intact and active, regardless of the damage his body and skin may take. To break this would require the aggressor to actually break the skin that is marked by this final seal. Due to his childhood, Jinx has subconsciously sealed away most of his power behind several emotional locks that will occasionally burst out when a particular emotion has been stimulated so much he has no control over showcasing the feeling. His power output generally begins at fifteen percent in his typical insouciant state but grows as he becomes more emotional.

Armament Edit

  • Trailblazer Boots
Crafted with the leather pelt of a fallen arch-demon and sown together using the feathers of a seraphim, Jinx has clad his feet and calves in a pair of sturday leather footwear. He commonly refers to these foot coverings as the Trailblazers' Boots, which is where they got their name. These boots have sigils riddled about their orichalcum plates which allow for a few mystic feats. As stated before, though Jinx is not extremely versed in traditional combat, he is capable of many things. That is the reason he enchanted these shoes. They give him additional support and make him lighter than he is supposed to be, allowing him to move at astonishing speeds with even more swiftness. They are often compared to Hermes' sandals in their enchantments' likeness.

  • Warlocks Hat
Every wizard, witch and warlock needs their weird hat. However, Jinx's hat isn't pointy and falling over as depicted in many lore. Instead, his hat is woven with the hairs of a defeated Pegasus. The hat is supernaturally soft to the touch and wraps around his head as it is a beanie. Two furry poms perch at the top of the beanie and resemble little furry ears. The enchanted skullcap actually doubles as the single entrance and exit for his pocket dimension where he stores everything from his Little Black Book to his pets and collected item.

  • Jinx's Spectacles
With all the magic power in the world, it seems as if Jinx is unable to cure his own myopia in the same way modern laser surgery can. Luckily, his status as a warlock prevent his eyes from suffering any degradation in his vision. This device is consists of glass lenses mounted in orichalcum round frames that hold them in front of his eyes using a bridge across his nose and arms that rest on his ears. In addition to overcoming Jinx's myopia, these supernaturally durable spectacles also has dark lenses that protect his eyes from lights that shine too brightly. This allows him to see despite flash-bangs and the like.

Little Black Book Edit

Like most members of his class, Jinx wields a grimoire that houses all of his arcane knowledge. The pages themselves appear invisible to most people but the simple uttering of the Latin phrase 'revelet deus absconsa tua' will reveal all of the secrets this little black book holds. Enchanted with the most powerful of magic, the pages themselves can appear with different information. After speaking that phrase, the wielder of the grimoire must ask for the information he desires, requesting 'bestias', 'cantus', or 'atlas' respectively. Not to be confused with a tool that everyone can use, this miniature book is supernaturally bound to its master, Jinx, and will not reveal its secrets to anyone else. This book cannot be destroyed unless the binding spell is broken and the book has its magic destabilized by a spell destabilization expert. The Zul family specializes in these destabilizing and neutralizing magic spells which is the reason this method is the most effective. Only a mage trained by the Zul could possibly hinder Jinx's progression as a warlock. To add entries in the grimoire, Jinx must reveal the secrets and request the section (bestias, cantus, or atlas) he desires to place it in then proceed to say 'interscribo'. Then, based on what he says and thinks after, whatever he would like to write is magically entered into the grimoires pages. The grimoire is capable of securing an infinite amount of information as it never runs out of pages. The closer you get to the back of the book, more pages seemingly appear but the book does not seem to grow in size. All in all, the grimoire is about six inches tall and six inches wide with brown, worn parchment paper and a black leather backing. There is a single design on the face of the book, branded into the grimoire's onyx-colored arch-demon leather cover, that resembles a minus sign within a circle.

Spells Edit

  • Steed attempting to speak because of the universal language potion.
This simple spell is used by Jinx to universally translate all forms of verbal and non-verbal communication. He uses the spell to communicate with wild animals and otherworldly entities, and fully converse with them. There is no long and drawn incantation that upstarts this spell but rather a mixture of ingredients creating a potion. It requires the essence (blood, spit, hair, etc.) of a dark, light and neutral being to be mixed. As the last ingredient is mixed, he simply says 'lingua' and the potion is complete. This spell seems to work with every known creature, even deities and requires little to no effort to perform.

  • Jinx appearing as a blur while he teleports.
Literally translated to "Instant Travel", this relatively difficult spell was developed to allow for traveling long distances instantly. With great concentration and a mental image of the destination, this spell only requires Jinx to say the phrase 'instans peregrenatio' for him to travel. The spell works by teleporting the user into a dimension outside of space and time referred to as the Teleportation Zone, then teleporting the user to their desired location. This move is used as a last resort fleeing tactic in combat as it requires a large amount of focus and energy.

  • Jinx's Spiritus Cohortis
One of Jinx's more commonly used spells, the Sacred Cleansing Art is a powerful defensive charm that wards darkness and exorcises evil spirits. It is advanced-level spell that evokes a partially tangible aether-fueled energy force which appears like a corporeal spirit, named spiritus cohortis. It appears as a bright-white ghastly buzzard with some sort of gas leaking from his form. These entities are composed completely of positive energy and cannot comprehend negativity. Thus, they are not destructive by nature and only expel evil passively, so evil cannot influence or harm it. When cast, Jinx simply raises his right hand and speaks the phrase 'spiritus cohortis'. The sigil on his palm begins to glow a bright azure & the ethereal entity flies from his palm, taking position like a companion. Jinx can summon three of these aether-fueled forces at a time, though more requires more focus. These entities are not sentient and simply float around him if they have not been assigned to protect him or expel any evil. It seems they adopt the traits of the creature they resemble, which is a buzzard, and generally just follow him around.

  • Soldier wielding a Veneficium-powered blade.
Jinx draws a seal on a weapon before dripping the intended wielder's blood on it and saying one of five things: pyrum, briske, aerola, irth, or ealdu. This spell was developed to imbue mortal weapons with divine power. After the blood has been applied, speaking one of the five things will grant the weapon with the ability to manipulate fire, water, air, natural metals or shadows respectively with simply the wielder's will.

  • Rainfall caused by the tidrenas spell.
When he recites the name of this spell, a rain cloud grows above the immediate area. After about thirty seconds of accumulating water, it begins to rain in a ten mile radius for about seven hours if left unchecked.

  • Clear, sunny skies caused by the solarius spell.
Designed to be the polar opposite of the tidrenas spell, the solarius spell is performed in the same exact manner. However, when the solarius spell is called upon, no matter the conditions of the sky, unless unnatural, the clouds will clear and the rain will stop. Artificial light that greatly mimics the sun will be summoned and it will appears as if it was a beautiful sunny day.

  • Demon summoning spell being interrupted by the Serious Destabilization counter spell, causing a massive explosion.
By combining his extensive knowledge of creating spells and negating magic, Jinx has developed one of his trademark anti-spells. By identifying the nature of a spell and analyzing how it works, he is able to perform a counter spell that will destabilize the spell and change its properties. This is not a parlor trick or broken spell, but instead a complete spell that makes other spells incomplete. Jinx has used his serious destabilization spell to make the more destructive spells act as an power source that will augment his own abilities, turn healing and augmenter spells into unstable spells that create explosions and do severe damage instead. To perform this spell, after Jinx has identified the nature & dynamics of the magic he is destabilizing, he performs a series of hand gestures, ultimately signing a sigil in mid-air. He then thrusts his palm through the signed sigil before it reveals itself in a bright flash. Once complete, the magic will be destabilized. This does not require much energy or mana as Jinx uses this very often. It simply requires the effort and intelligence to comprehend the magic being destabilized.

  • Group of people being affected by the sleep-inducing spell
This is one of Jinx's lesser known spells that requires little mana or effort. All living beings in a twenty meter radius who are able to be affected, will be affected– friend or foe. Jinx begins performing this spell by tapping his foot on the ground three times. He then continues by singing an ancient Enochian hymn, "Angel feathers fall to bring heavenly bliss". After this is sung, a fluttering rain of illusory white feathers falls in the described area. Whomever sees them as they fall, piling up and covering the target area will experience heavenly bliss and fall into a tranquil slumber. No matter how much one would like to resist the spell, the sleep is instinctual, and there's no fighting it. However, one versed in the art of magic would be able to dispel it before it can take effect. Undoing this spell only requires the nullifier to tap the floor three times.

Probably Jinx's most reputable magic spell series, the Twinkling Mortal Restraints are a collection of mystical relics which have no crazy power besides negating magic of all forms. In total, there are three hundred and fifty telekinetically wielded hooked chains capable of being spawned at any one time. This is essentially achieved by creating a gate to their home dimension which resembles bright, glowing mandalas scattered in the air and summoning the chains into the material plane. These hooked chains, each completely composed of compressed aether, are extremely durable and were initially designed to restrain and seal deities who threatened the balance, as mages were granted their knowledge to protect this balance. However, Jinx uses these chains for offensive and defensive purposes. These mystical chains work by neutralizing and binding the mana an object or living being produces, completely disabling any exerted magic. This reverts even the most all-powerful, omniscient beings into a mortal state where they would only possess what their physiology itself allows and nothing more. To break free from one of these chains requires more than brute force; it requires wit.

The more chains summoned, the more focus the technique requires. This spell can be performed by any human with practice and study. Coincidentally, this spell requires no incantation or prior preparation. Because there are so many chains, with each having to come through its own gate, it begins with fairly easy use and becomes more difficult as more chains are summoned. He simply has to focus and imagine the gate opening and it shall be done.

  • Seven Chains of the Seven Teachings: Jinx summons seven of the Imagine Mortal Restraints to use for offensive and defensive purposes. These hooked chains, deployed from floating mandalas, would then proceed to attack & shred the designated target from seven different directions or be used to divert attacks from the target.

  • True Punishment of a Murderer: This is the final and more horrific technique of the Imagine Mortal Restraints used by Jinx, and his most reputed trump card. This is an ancient technique, existing as long as magic itself. With all three hundred and fifty gates open, the hooked restraints launch out and create a web of magic-nullifying chains surrounding the target. Following this, it chases and binds the target's body together with extreme force. If they aren't already killed by this then it continues the process. Each chain acts as a symbolic feature of every sin, murder or fallacy committed by the target and develops as such. While wrapped around the target, the chains begin to grow a thick black foam until it becomes an inescapable prison. This black foam obscures the target's vision completely, even preventing them from seeing into the astral plane. If the target has to breathe the they die in a matter of seconds as the foam blocks any air from coming in. The chains ensure that the only thing the target has left is the ability to reflect on their own past. After the black foam has expanded twice or thrice, it would appear like an explosion under water as the chains retract to their dimension. Each explosion triggering another explosion, each continuing to chain up. By the end of this spectacle, this target is obliterated where it stood with nothing left but ground up meat and bones.

  • A depiction of Jinx performing the 5-Layered Collapsing Star Burial
Using hand gestures, Jinx is able to create a series of mandalas which all have some sort of divine magical purpose. Powered by the magic channeled in his right hand, he is able to create a singular golden mandala that glows brightly and will float around, shooting out short spurts of concentrated divine energy beams. These purifying beams are capable of harming only evil entities and targets which he has truly deemed enemies in his heart. Other people cannot feel the searing effects of heavens wrath. When targeting a creature who has found itself aligned with the darkness, it is capable of destroying the corruption within it if the creature itself is not evil. This have proved most effective against demonic targets, ripping them to shreds on a spiritual level.
  • Three Layered Collapsing Mirror: He creates three mandalas which stack behind each other, each glowing a different color with the first being gold, the second being blue and the final mandala glowing red. These three magic circles redirect magic in the same form it was received, meaning beams are released as beams and constructs are deployed against their masters.
  • Five Layered Collapsing Star Burial: This is one of his three trump cards. Jinx creates five mandalas which stack above each other as they are being manifested, each vibrantly glowing a different color of the rainbow. These five magic circles, divine in nature, call upon the heavens and act as a medium for its divine wrath. A wide-ranged beam of concentrated divine energy is released upon the area below it, assaulting the target. Even the most powerful of evil entities are blasted into smithereens by the sheer magnitude of this spell.

  • Jinx's Spectacles
Though not as big and dramatic as the divine Collapsing Star series, the Numbered Shadow Maelstrom series is just as powerful and useful as the aforementioned. Powered by the magic channeled in his left hand,
  • Number Three Shadow Maelstrom:
  • Number Six Shadow Maelstrom:
  • Big Finish - Number Ten Shadow Maelstrom:


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